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The Gnarliest, Most Ingeniously Stupid 'Jackass' Stunts Ever Attempted

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In the early aughts, if you possessed both cable and a bit of schadenfreude, you definitely caught the biggest stunts on Jackass. Famed for their blatant disregard for safety and/or tastefulness, the craziest Jackass stunts provided the American public something more painful to think about than the disaster that was the Bush Administration. The famed crew of Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, and friends took reality TV by the reins and subsequently wrapped the reins around their own balls as a form of entertainment. Because humans love to see other people get hurt, the best Jackass stunts of all time still sit in the back of your head like the scars that definitely cover Johnny Knoxville's body.

Collected below are the best Jackass videos, many taken from the best episodes of Jackass. At the time, the best Jackass stunts of all time might have appeared to be the dumbest things a person could ever do, but the world is full of surprises. If you're looking for something new to watch, be sure to also check out our list of shows like Jackass!

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    The Brand

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    Pin The Tail On The Donkey

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    Ram Jam

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    The Electric Limbo

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