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The Most Bizarre Moments On MTV's 'Catfish: The TV Show'

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MTV Catfish: The TV Show can be thanked for some of reality television's most bizarre moments. Co-hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have been put in some crazy situations when revealing the true identities of catfish, leading to some of the funniest Catfish episodes.

After all, the show proves that when you're talking to a stranger on the Internet, they really could be anyone - like the rapper Bow Wow. You can bet the Bow Wow Catfish episode made our list. These moments range from mildly cringe-y to downright disturbing. The top Catfish episodes are extremely quotable — season 3, episode 2, "Antwane and Tony" graced the world with, "You shoulda never called me a fat a** Kelly Price." The Catfish "you got me there episode" is also infamous - and hilarious, albeit strange. Aside from the Kelly Price Catfish episode, other crazy Catfish episodes result from a co-host switch-up. For example, Machine Gun Kelly was a pretty dramatic guest co-host. He lost his temper when it turned out the subject of the episode had lied to him and Nev. Charlemagne tha God was also a hilarious Catfish TV guest.

One of the most shocking Catfish episodes involves a medium who talks to ghosts. The Catfish medium episode tested Nev and Max’s faith, as the "catfish" in question claimed to be able to speak to someone’s late father. Most of the time, however, Catfish deals with two people who started a romantic relationship online, until one suspects the other is lying about their identity. 

Every now and then, like in the Lauren and Derek Catfish episode, our "catfish" in question wasn’t lying at all. When that happens, the results can actually be pretty sweet. Lauren and Derek were the first couple to become engaged after meeting on the show, but unfortunately they called it quits back in 2014. But overall, Catfish: The TV Show is an unpredictable mixed bag. That's what makes it so addicting to watch. Here are the wackiest moments to come from Catfish: The TV Show so far. 

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    Fat Kelly Price - Season 3, Episode 2

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    In Catfish season 3, episode 2, Carmen reached out to Nev and Max for her cousin Antwane, who had been talking to his love, Tony, for three years. Antwane was tech averse, so he found it completely normal that he'd never texted or video chatted with Tony. The two had only ever talked on the phone.

    After it appeared the group had hit a wall in their investigation, Carmen finally revealed that she had been Tony all along. She demonstrated her baritone voice to a shocked Nev and Max, and berated her cousin for teasing her in front of a group of people years ago. 

    "You should've never called me a fat a** Kelly Price!" is probably one of the most famous quotes in Catfish: The TV Show history.

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    'You Got Me There' - Season 2, Episode 9

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    Season 2, episode 9 "Artis & Jess" was one for the Catfish books. Artis carried on an online affair with "Jess" despite having a serious girlfriend and kids. But Jess was never able to speak on the phone, and couldn't even be bothered to post more than one picture of herself on Facebook. Still, Artis was truly in love with the woman he thought was Jess, and was ready to leave his marriage to start a life with her. This is where Nev and Max stepped in.

    They were finally able to track down Jess, only to find that "she" was really a man named Justin, who fancied himself a Catfish vigilante of sorts. Justin was out here, catfishing committed men so he could catch them in the act of cheating. But when Nev asked Justin about his sexuality, Justin denied being gay. Nev explained that Justin had been in a romantic online relationship with a guy for months, to which Justin infamously replied, "You got me there." 

    While that has easily become one of the best quotes of the show, it's very closely followed up with Justin's unforgettable "You can still be my chocolate kiss" line. 

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    Nev Throws Kidd Cole's Phone Into A Lake  - Season 3, Episode 4 

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    Season 3, episode 4 follows Lucille, a woman from Philadelphia who dreamt of working in the music industry. She was hopeful that her Twitter connection to rapper Kidd Cole would help make that a reality. She reached out to Nev and Max because Kidd Cole, who was allegedly signed under Kanye West's record label, asked Lucille to engage in some sketchy business on his behalf. Lucille ended up arranging hotels, security, and drivers for Kidd Cole, who in turn billed everything to her.

    Pretty soon, the team was able to figure out that Kidd Cole was a sham (and West's record label had no idea who he was). When Lucille, Nev, and Max finally confronted Kidd Cole, he could barely take his eyes off his phone. This made Nev so angry that took his phone from him, and threw it into the lake next to them. 

    While the moment established Nev as one of the most savage reality TV hosts of all time, the producers weren't as thrilled. Because of Nev's actions, the episode has since been removed from MTV's website.

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    A Guy Thought He Was Talking To Katy Perry - Season 5, Episode 15

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    Spencer Morrill isn't the only guy to have a crush on Katy Perry. But Spencer was certainly unique in that he thought he was in an online relationship with the pop star. Despite the million signs pointing to the obvious truth that Spencer was not talking to Katy Perry, he still kept his beliefs alive. Yes, he went so far as to suggest that Katy Perry had written some of her most famous song lyrics about him. While Nev and Max had no hope in Spencer's story, they did help him trace the phone number in question to its true owner: a girl named Harriet.

    Harriet was honest about being attracted to girls. Rather, she used the romantic relationship with Spencer instead as a way to cope with the hardships in her life. She wanted to emulate Katy Perry's confidence, but instead led Spencer on for a whopping six years. While Harriet initially found the situation humorous, she eventually apologized to Spencer.

    But Spencer still didn't believe he wasn't talking to Katy Perry! When Nev and Max checked up on Harriet a few weeks later, she revealed that Spencer had continued to send messages to "Katy". He believed the Catfish reveal to be part of the journey to his happily ever after with Katy Perry. 

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