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Toys are meant to entertain, to educate, and sometimes to babysit your kid for a few minutes of precious, precious quiet time. Toys are (generally) thoroughly tested and approved by committees and safety regulators. But what happens when they miss something? Or a kid gets especially creative with its playtime? Well, sometimes those supposedly harmless little play things can be harbringers of pain and suffering.

The list below isn't about children eating too much Gak, or choking on G.I. Joe's toy gun. These are the crazy stories, the "no way that happened because of a toy," stories, the stuff urban legends are made of. So, if you've ever wondered why you can't find that toy from your childhood on the shelf anymore, or whether a bounce house can actually take flight, read on.

Below are the craziest near-death accidents caused by toys. Vote up the craziest toy accidents below, caused by toys you won't let your kids anywhere near after reading what they're capable of.
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Atomic Energy Lab Is As Advertised

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Obviously, every future mad scientist should have a NUCLEAR EXPERIMENTATION KIT as a toy. For a full year, these kits actually sold (for only 50 bucks!) complete with three "low level" radiation sources, a Geiger counter, a Wilson cloud chamber, a spinthariscope, and four URANIUM CORE samples. No deaths were ever directly linked to this "toy," but who knows how many lives it effected. Just one of the isotopes included in the kit (u-238) is now known to cause cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma.
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Flubber Won't Die

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Just before Christmas 1962, to tie in with the upcoming Son of Flubber (sequel to The Absentminded Professor), Hasbro and Disney put out an actual bouncy green glob of goo, so kids everywhere could have their own Flubber. Short of the general choking hazard, it seemed like a great product. However, within weeks, they were inundated with complaints of head to toe rashes, sore throats, and fevers. Turns out Flubber caused Folliculitis (a painful infection in the pores) among other maladies.

But the weirdness doesn't stop there. After the recall, manufacturers tried to incinerate the Flubber and discovered it wouldn't burn; it just released plumes of noxious smoke. They proceeded to hire the Coast Guard to try to sink it, but it floated right back to the surface. Finally, they used it to pave the new Hasbro facilities. Real life Flubber seems just as wonky as its on-screen counterpart.
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Jarts Impale Without Mercy

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It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Seriously, who thought Jarts were a good idea? Kids should go outside and get a couple scraped knees, but they should NOT be throwing weighted projectiles at each other. In their brief stint in the 1980s, these lawn darts racked up an impressive rap sheet with over 6,700 injuries, many of which were serious head injuries.
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Bounce House Goes Airborn

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In May 2014, a bounce house in New York was lifted well more than two stories into the air when a gust of wind grabbed it and its inhabitants, in a freak accident. Two kindergarteners, ages five and six, were thrown out from a height of at least 15 feet, both landing on hard pavement. One landed in the apartment building's parking lot and suffered serious head injuries. The other landed on a nearby street and broke both arms and his jaw. A 10-year-old girl also fell from the bounce house, but from a much lower height.

All things considered, it could have been much worse. After losing the weight from the children, the bounce house caught another updraft and soared up over 50 feet in the air (as pictured), eventually landing more than three blocks away.
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