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The Newly Discovered Bible Passages The Church Doesn't Want You To Read

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In 1945, a large clay vase filled with ancient manuscripts was discovered in Northern Egypt. These manuscripts are now known as the Gnostic gospels, or alternatively as the lost books of the Bible. When Christianity was first becoming an official and standardized religion, the Romans omitted some books from the standard version of the Bible that were already in circulation. Around 52 of those books were found in the clay vase. 

The reason most of these books were not included in the official biblical text was because they, in some cases, directly contradicted other books of the Bible. The Gnostic Christians viewed their religion differently than most modern-day Christians do, and their perspective was often much more colorful – and more intense – in ways that the Romans didn't appreciate.

Some of these Gnostic books, such as the Gospel of Philip, contain alarming subtitles such as "God is a Man-Eater," and "The World Eats Bodies." There are stories about Jesus's youth that paint him as slightly demonic, and that not-so-subtly suggest that Mary was not actually a virgin.

Most churches today will vehemently deny that these books contain any merit. For the people who originally wrote and read them, however, they were God's word and the truth.

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