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Pregnancy The 11 Craziest Pregnant Women in News Report History  

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Anybody who has another human being growing inside them for nine months has the right to go a little crazy. But these pregnant women have taken their crazy nine-month phase to a whole new level. From drunk-robbing a taco shop with a hammer to getting into a full-on fist fight at a parking lot to getting their fourth DUI, these pregnant maniacs prove that expecting a baby does not always lead to self-improvement. Here are the craziest pregnant women in news report history.

So what's the craziest thing a pregnant woman has done? That remains to be seen but there's no doubt that if a pregnant woman does something bonkers, she'll end up on this list.

Pregnant Woman Gets Family Arrested At Chuck E. Cheese

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Contrary to popular belief, Chuck E. Cheese is actually more of a playground for adults than it is for children. Especially when flasks, fighting, and pizza are involved.

Eighteen-year-old Juaneka Key was pregnant and at Chuck E. Cheese celebrating her two-year-old son's birthday. However, the party soon turned sour when a woman asked how long she was going to take at the vending machine. Key took offense, and a fight broke out. Key's step-dad, Terence Dickerson, punched the woman in the left eye, and Key's mom, sister and boyfriend also joined in the scuffle.

Key and all four of her family members ended up getting arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and inciting a riot.

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Pregnant Teen Gets Arrested For DUI

In January 2008, a 19-year-old pregnant woman in New Zealand decided to get drunk. Then, she and three of her friends were stopped by a cop, and she was charged with a DUI.

Her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit – the point where most people actually lose their consciousness and sometimes die – but she was behind the wheel because all her other friends in the car were even more drunk or passed out.

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Pregnant Woman Robs A Taco Place With A Hammer For Drug Money (And A Taco)

In 2010, a pregnant (and highly intoxicated) woman named Julie Bailey tried to rob a Taco John's with a hammer. She was so inebriated, though, that she couldn't even start the robbery before it came to an end. Apparently, she had some trouble getting the hammer out of her shorts when she demanded the Taco John's teller to hand over some cash, and a soft shell taco.

After her major fumble Bailey tried to get away, but the cops quickly caught up with her. To make matters worse, this all happened when Bailey's roommate threatened to kick her out if she didn't come up with enough money to buy crack cocaine.

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Pregnant Woman Stabs Three People

A seven-months-pregnant woman in Massachusetts was arrested for stabbing three people with a knife in April 2010. She took two of her three children to the Manton Heights Housing Project to visit their aunt when she attacked three individuals. The victims, ages 37, 18 and 13, all suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

In a twist, the mother of three also worked as an emergency-room coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.