16 People Reveal The Craziest Neighbors They've Ever Had

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    Yorkie Dorkie

    From Redditor u/sippydippylippy:

    Hired my neighbor's 19-20 year old daughter to babysit while I was at work for one day only. Daughter shows up holding a small Yorkie puppy and says “I hope you don’t mind I brought my dog.” Weird she would do this because she knew I had two giant dogs and they play rough. She said the puppy down and my dogs immediately wanted to play and scared it so it yelped. She acted like there was a murder.

    Little did I know, this puppy was not potty trained as well. I sat lunch out for my kids, 5 and 6 years old. Easy instant ramen and pbj. She didn’t reply to my texts all day so I came home on my lunch break to check in. She was sleeping on the couch, there was dog piss everywhere, my dogs were locked in a bedroom, and my kids were surrounded in junk food wrappers as she hadn’t fed them. I said hello and she sat up and said “oh man, I was trying to hard to stay awake.” I told her thank you for her time but I was able to leave work early. I texted her and said, why would you randomly bring your puppy to my house and allow it pee all over, and then not bother to clean it up? Why would you not be able to stay awake for a short period of time or make sure that my children were fed?

    She responded by accusing me of stealing her mom’s dog, my next door neighbor. And then my neighbor texted me and said not to ever speak to her daughter that way again and called me a dog stealer, etc. And then the neighbor called the gas company, reported a fake leak, and they shut my gas off to check everything out. I told her to stop and she said I was just worried you were going to blow your children up. WTF?! Things progressively got more ridiculous. Thankfully, we moved and put it all behind us.

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    Smiles For Miles

    From Redditor u/HazelnutSoup:

    stopped to have a casual chat with our downstairs neighbor when we first moved in. all normal small talk, until he mentions that his bedroom is directly under ours, creepily smiles, and goes into detail about everything he’s heard.

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    From Redditor u/PooFlingerMonkey:

    Tried to kidnap our Governor and got busted by the FBI.

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    Is This 'Breaking Bad?'

    From Redditor u/iboughtmars:

    Underground meth lab blew up and basically sunk their house

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    Cancer Con Artist

    From Redditor u/zygomelonm:

    This isn't even everything that went down with that neighbour, just some (not so) brief highlights.

    My mom had this neighbour who pretended to be weak from cancer/chemo so her landlord couldn't get mad at her for when trash bins were full and lawn was filthy. She even went as far as shaving her head and faking a limp, cane and everything. Mom baked her some cookies and offered to take care of her bins and lawn, neighbour spills about her scam. My mom, now enlightened about my neighbour's The Fault in our Stars bulls*** and tired of the trash blowing into our yard, called the landlord. Neighbour wasn't happy and would blast music at ungodly hours of the night/wee morning to get back at my mom. Mom would get frustrated because she worked late and left early, filed noise complaint to police. Police arrive, neighbour claims my mom (old little Asian lady) punched her in the chest. Neighbour wants her arrested, mom shows cops our security cam footage, no mom punching, instead finds crazy neighbour kicking her 9 year old daughter out in the middle of the night. 9yo is banging on her door, my mom comes out to check on noise, tries to bring hysterical girl inside (it's like 2am), neighbour comes out and sprays her with the hose. Neighbour taken away, daughter sent to live with dad.

    TL;DR neighbour faked cancer, got arrested.

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    Garage Barrage

    From Redditor u/Phantomtastic:

    They were running some sort of chop shop out of their garage. I was told they jack hammered through their garage floor to get to the gas line before the meter. Apparently they did a poor job and they caused a gas leak which led to an explosion that sent their garage door flying out into the street.