Weird Nature 12 Of The Craziest Side Effects To Animal Attacks  

Nathan Gibson
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Although the animal kingdom is full of wonderful and interesting creatures, many of the organisms that inhabit the planet can be incredibly dangerous. While most wildlife will do their best to avoid confrontation with humans and remain docile whenever possible, animal attacks do still happen.

There are obvious problems and wounds that can arise from such violent confrontations. These could include broken flesh, bites that cause massive bleeding, or even toxic venom that can cause death. But believe it or not there are some side effects that are possibly worse than death. There are rather strange side effects and medical ailments caused by living creatures that you probably didn't even know about. Even cute looking creatures can have bizarre effects that puzzle even the most experienced researchers. These weird medical ailments are sure to make you look twice for animals when you're out in the wild. 

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Although being bitten by a tick is not particularly pleasant, most people will only experience some slight irritation and swelling around the site of the bite. However, there are some people who can suffer from a life-threatening problem following a tick bite - a strong allergy to red meat. Studies have shown that certain types of ticks, including the Lone Star tick, can cause a person to become allergic to red meat, sometimes with a delay of up to six months. The problem arises when the victim’s immune system interacts with proteins in the saliva of the creature and this leads to it targeting the same proteins in the food.

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Camels have never been known as a particularly dangerous animal. Despite the fact they have a vicious bite and are very powerful, they are relatively docile and only attack in rare circumstances when they feel threatened. Recent research, though, has suggested a bite from a camel might be much more dangerous than first though. One study found the saliva of camels might contain bacteria that could lead to osteolysis over a long period of time, meaning that the victim's bones begin to dissolve.

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The bite from a Brazilian wandering spider will not just cause some pain and irritation at the site of the attack but it will also leave another more embarrassing mark on its victims. The venom is capable of causing an erection in males who have been bitten that can last for up to four hours because of the way the toxin interact with human blood. The side effect is so powerful researchers are looking to use the venom to develop drugs to help people with erectile dysfunction and other penile problems.

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While snake attacks themselves don't seem too great, some are worse than others. Take, for example, the boomslang snake. In addition to being one of the most venomous snakes in existence, its poison has a particular hemotoxic property that causes a strange side effect. This essentially means it destroys red blood cells, stops blood from clotting, and destroys tissue inside the body. The result is that anyone bitten by the snake will slowly bleed to death as blood leaks from every organ and out of every bodily orifice, including the eyes and anus.

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