The Creators Of South Park Have A Habit Of Completely Trolling Hollywood  

Rebecca Shortall
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Trey Parker and Matt Stone are a comedic duo that few can match when it comes to the quality of their output and the staggering quantity of work they release. The pair have their fingers in a lot of pies! They've got a 21 season animation series in South Park under their belts, a Tony-winning stage musical, live-action movies and... a puppet action movie? But their hilarious achievements don't end at their extensive filmography; Trey Parker and Matt Stone are prank masters.  

Here lies a list of the craziest stunts the South Park creators have pulled. They've pranked movie stars, skewered people from their past and come after organizations. They've dressed up in insane costumes, tripped on acid, and found any means necessary to avoid dealing with Kid Rock. Marvel at the insane stunts pulled by the South Park guys below.  

They Went To The Oscars Dressed As Women
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Not only did Trey Parker and Matt Stone turn up to the Oscars in dresses, they did so while tripping on acid. At the turn of the millennium, in the year 2000, Parker and Stone were Oscar-nominated for Best Original Song. Instead of treating the Oscars with the amount of self-serious reverence that most other industry members do, Parker and Stone decided to have some fun with the whole thing and dress up in women's clothes.

They specifically attempted to embody Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez with their attire which - as everyone can agree - was a resounding success of an homage. Not only that, but the pair of them dropped acid before they stepped on the red carpet. More power to these two pranksters!  

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Trey Parker Pretended To Be An Adult Film Star In Front Of Carrie Fisher
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Around the time South Park was making its on air debut in 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were also in the process of releasing their second live movie, Orgazmo – a movie about a Mormon who stars in porn movies to save money for his wedding. During the research process for this movie, Parker started buddying up with real life porn star Tim Lake.  

One night, Lake took Parker along to a Hollywood party, where the worlds of the adult-film industry suddenly crossed over into the world of Hollywood movie producers, actors and actresses, including one Carrie Fisher. Parker suddenly clocked that there were actual, legit movie-making big wigs in the room, and he had an idea and brought Tim Lake in on it. He had them do an Olsen twins switcheroo and exchange identities for the night. Tim Lake went around saying he was Trey Parker and Parker went around telling everyone he was a porn director. 

When people actually started doing the dirty in the living room of the party, Parker leaned into his role as director and started calling out directions like "I need more ass!" Then, real Trey Parker called upon porn star Trey Parker to jump into the sexual fray, which he was only too eager to do.

So Carrie Fisher's first impression of South Park-creator Trey Parker was interesting to say the least.

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They Trolled The MPAA With The South Park Movie
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The Motion Picture Association of America - or the MPAA - is a pretty hypocritical organization, as is evidenced in the fantastic documentary The Celluloid Closet, and Parker and Stone have dedicated a significant chunk of their time to trolling this association to an insane degree. In fact, a strong thread running through the South Park movie is that the MPAA is harsh on sexual content and language but is totally gung-ho about violence.  

They submitted a cut of the film to the MPAA, who came back hard and fast wth a flurry of notes. First of all, the original title of the movie was South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose. The MPAA requested that they take Hell out of the title, and then it became South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut which turned out to be Trey Parker describing his penis.  

Parker and Stone had to screen the film six times for the MPAA and eventually the MPAA yielded and allowed a cut that was still rife with profanity to be shown. Check out this memo to get a glimpse into this arduous but hilarious process.  

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They Paid Out $300,000 To Avoid Dealing With Kid Rock
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Kid Rock is a shiver-inducing, cringe machine so lord knows why, back in 1998, Paramount studio executives thought it would be on brand for Matt Stone and Trey Parker to have South Park's Cartman appear in a music video, interacting with nu-country-metal-rap devil Kid Rock. The pair's answer was a fairly succinct "f*ck no" and instead of accepting the $300,000 that Paramount was offering for the Cartman/Kid Rock collaboration, they came back with a far more South Park appropriate proposal.  

They offered to make their own music video for a song form the movie and dropped $300,000 of their own money to do so. Then, to really rub it in Paramount's faces, Matt Stone wrote a memo that explained why their proposal was so much better. It read as follows: "A Formula For Success. […] Dear Paramount. We've found a way to make this video work - it's our formula for success: Cooperation + You Doing Nothing = Success!" 

This also shows the great lengths people will go to avoid working with Kid Rock.  

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