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Since September 11, the FAA and TSA have gone to great lengths to keep airline passengers safe with strict guidelines for what not to bring on a plane. But even with those rules in place, there are still some crazy things confiscated by TSA agents. People do follow the rules for the most part, and airports are arguably safer now than they have ever been. However, some brazen flyers still attempt to bring weapons, drugs, and other potentially dangerous oddities with them through security.

The craziest things confiscated by airport security almost boggle belief. Sure, they've found hidden weapons - but would you ever expect someone to attempt to smuggle dead seahorses onto a plane? And that's not even the weirdest thing found by TSA agents. The honors might just go to a giant wooden mallet, or perhaps the stun gun disguised as a cell phone.

While there have been some cringeworthy TSA stories over the years, the organization has confiscated many troubling and bizarre objects, documented on their Webby Award-winning Instagram account. You may feel a little confused as to why anyone would travel with these particular items, but you'll probably also feel relief knowing that they landed in the right hands.

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A Bag Of Eels

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Photo: TSA/via Instagram

In 2012, a sack of eels was found in a checked bag and confiscated by the TSA at the Miami International Airport. Over 160 marine tropical fish and 22 invertebrates were also part of the haul that was later surrendered by the passenger to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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A Knife Hidden Inside An Enchilada

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Photo: TSA/via Instagram

Did you forget something? A passenger flying out of Sonoma Country Airport kept her knife with her enchilada while attempting to board a flight, and the TSA confiscated it. However, the passenger was cleared for takeoff when it was discovered she made an honest mistake and just wanted to eat her meal on the plane. There's no word on if the enchilada made the trip.

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A Giant Wooden Mallet

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Photo: TSA/via Instagram

Flying with a giant wooden mallet is not something most people would do, but it was attempted at Burlington International Airport in Vermont in 2014. The TSA confiscated the item, as sledgehammers and mallets can be used as bludgeons and are prohibited as carry-ons. However, they can be placed in checked baggage - if they fit.

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A Live Chihuahua

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Photo: TSA

This adorable dog wasn’t being smuggled; he was an accidental stowaway. He crawled into his owner’s luggage while she was packing and was, thankfully, spotted by a surprised TSA agent at New York’s Laguardia Airport during a random baggage check. TSA officials worked with the airline to identify the owner and reunite the duo.