Parents And Nannies Describe The Worst And Weirdest Things They Have Seen On Their Nanny Cams

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Parenting comes with a plethora of unexpected obstacles and surprises; some of the biggest surprises arrive in the form of bizarre nanny cam moments. The worst things seen on nanny cams can send a parent scrambling for their child's crib, while weird nanny cam moments might have them reconsidering the new babysitter. When parents buy a nanny cam for their child, they typically expect to see lots of crying and thumb sucking. Imagine their shock, then, after their nanny cams reveal kids acting creepy, or worse, the babysitter or guardian acting creepy. But not all of the strangest or worst nanny cam moments deal with only parents. Babysitters often witness strange things themselves on nanny cams, and sometimes people are using nanny cams to watch over their home or pets, not necessarily children.

These nanny cam stories and incidents detail times where this voyeurism led to both hilarious and horrifying incidents. The best of Blumhouse, Warner Bros, or Netflix can't match the dynamic drama of the simple and unassuming nanny cam. Vote up the most shockingly unexpected captures these nanny cams made.

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    Arrest These Workers

    From NDRoughNeck:

    "My brother had a camera that was left in the basement for safety reasons. He had some workers over to fix a tile shower since it didn't drain properly. I guess the guys were pretty annoyed at having to fix it, but it's their own fault for not doing it right the first time. Fast forward a couple weeks to when my brother's sister-in-law is turning 21. They were in his basement bar when they started pouring shots of Viniq for her. As they were pouring they could smell something wasn't right. Her boyfriend immediately thought it smelled like nail polish remover.

    They decided to check the camera and sure enough, the workers drank some alcohol and replaced it with a full bottle of nail polish remover. They found the empty bottle under the bathroom sink and my brother's wife knew that was her unopened bottle she had bought previously. Kind of messed up."

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    Fire The Sitter

    From AsteroidMiner:

    "The babysitter would sniff the kids' underwear after changing them."

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    A Garbage Situation

    From Pazzam:

    "I was babysitting for my sister a few months ago and was checking on my two-year-old nephew through the nanny cam, asleep in his crib. I got up to put dinner in the oven and when I came back I checked the cam again and...

    There was a huge black mass in the crib with him.

    My sister doesn't have any pets, so I was like 'WTF!? A black dog or cat or something had got in and is attacking my nephew!'

    I ran upstairs like sh*t off a shovel and saw, to my horror, my nephew has pulled a black bin liner (garbage bag) into the cot with him and had crawled inside! I got him straight out of it and he was fine. I took the bin liner back downstairs and just sat on the floor crying.

    This was my first time babysitting for my sister. I had a go at her when she got home, 'Who keeps a bin liner where their baby could get it?' And she said there was one in his cupboard full of nappies (diapers) well out of reach, so we checked and the nappies were in there but the bag had been taken out, somehow."

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    A Will And A Way

    From TooPrettyForJail:

    "Using a baby monitor to care for aging parent. My sister comes in and tries to convince my dad to cut me out of the will and give everything to her."

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    Chatting To Her Phantom Sister

    From TheBrontosaurus:

    "I'm a nanny and I take care of a five-year-old girl (only child). She has a camera in her room and I can watch her on the iPad in the kitchen. Last few times I watched her at night she'd lay awake chatting away before falling asleep.

    I asked her who she was talking to and she said 'my baby sister'... her parents had a miscarriage when this girl was not quite a year old."

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    Adults Need Supervision, Too

    From okaykitty:

    "Well it didn't catch my kids doing anything weird.

    I set up while my husband and kids and I went away for a few days to visit family. I had a friend of mine (who was a recovering alcoholic and staying with us to help get straight) watch our house and take care of our dogs. I felt like it was a simple enough task. There was zero alcohol in our house and she had no car and the closest store was 10 miles away. And her mom, being her only contact in town if she needed help, definitely wouldn't get her alcohol.

    We are about two days into our trip. I text my friend to see if everything is going well. Hours go by with no reply. I try calling her several times and she won't pick up. Her sister calls me worried that she can't get ahold of my friend either. So I turn on my nanny cam to see what's going on. She laying on my couch with nothing on but a tank top and my front door is wide open! I can talk through the camera and tried talking to her, but she was unresponsive but I can see that she is breathing.

    I call my uncle to go over to my house to check on her and find my dogs. I can see on the camera when my uncle gets there. He tries to shake her awake, but she just groans and won't talk. He throws a blanket over her and finds my dogs locked in the laundry room with shit everywhere. And my dog chewed up the hose on my new Dyson, I was pretty peeved. My uncle hangs around awhile until she wakes up and has no clue what happened. He asks her how she got so f*cked up and she told him that she drank a bunch of mouth wash! Don't underestimate addicts.

    I'd like to say though that she's been sober a year and employed and getting her life on track now."

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