The Craziest Anime Yandere Characters

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One of the biggest character archetypes in anime, manga, and light novels is that of the yandere. Yanderes seem sweet enough when you first meet them, but then they turn out to be super freaking crazy. Lurking right under the surface is several layers of insane, obsessive love for whoever their target happens to be. For some of these characters, their love is aimed towards a specific person. For other yanderes, their love is a lot more general, but no less dangerous. Even if their crazy antics are coming from a place of love, you can't help but feel anywhere from mildly unsettled to genuinely creeped out.

From the best action anime to the greatest psychological thriller anime, the most intense and craziest yanderes have been compiled here. These characters will literally love you to death. Check out these insane yanderes below and vote up the best one. 

Most divisive: Belarus
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