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The Craziest Slides in the History of Baseball

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Sliding is just as important as any other part of professional baseball. Every major league baserunner has a particular style, whether it is face-first in the dirt, sliding on one knee, or grinding across the base path on their butt, the goal is simple: don't get tagged. Some of the following players were successful in their attempts to beat out the tag, but others came up embarrassingly short. Either way, these GIFs are great examples of why baseball is one of the most entertaining sports on television.

Some slides are obviously painful, and others look graceful, as if the player was gliding across a frozen pond. It's important to get down and dirty if you're stealing a base or trying to turn that base-hit into a double. Don't forget to duck your head and pull in your hands, because you are also headed face-first towards another player. Enjoy these 30 baseball slide GIFs, and try to learn the do's and don't's of the sliding game.
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    Double the Dive, Double the Excitement


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    A Classic: Jackie Robinson Stealing Home


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    Feet Up, Butt First


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    The Ultimate Faceplant


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