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Celebrities with Crazy Hobbies

Celebrities can often be pretty eccentric. Combining an artistic personality with endless money can mean some pretty odd purchases and passions. We all have some relatively embarrassing and weird interests, but celebrities have the means to take those hobbies to the next level. From model trains to an extensive Barbie doll collection, there's no limits to what this kind of money can muster. Even some of the most renowned actors, actresses, directors, and musicians have some secret obsessions that are just plain peculiar. 

Here you'll find all the weird hobbies, talents, and interests that celebrities fill their time with when they're not walking the red carpet. Find out if you share an oddly specific enthusiasm for a certain collectable with your favorite famous personality. Or maybe just gawk at how anyone could be willing to invest that much money in something that strange. Either way, these celebrities show no shame when it comes to what they love. Even if that passion is pigeon racing or frog hunting. Who knows? Maybe you'll be inspired to pick up one of these celebrity hobbies of your own. Don't knock it 'til you try it, as they say. Here is a roundup of notable celebrities with some very unique hobbies.