law enforcement The 5 Most Insane Moments Caught On Dashcams In 2017  

Mick Jacobs

If you thought the news alone in 2017 was enough of a thrill ride, wait till you catch these crazy dashcam videos. This video compilation captures a total of five outrageous moments miraculously caught on camera.

Quite a few of these moments involve some very unfortunate semi trucks, and will probably only make people more afraid to drive next to them on the road or freeways.

The vast majority of these incidents occurred in moments where precipitation, either rain or snow, was present. Even for the most skilled of drivers, the footage serves as a helpful reminder of the dangers of driving in unsafe conditions.

Thankfully, it looks like no drivers got harmed during any of these incidents, though one unfortunate semi looks to have lost its cargo. Watch the video below to see that the open road is possibly the scariest ride you'll ever get on.