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'90s cartoon fan theories are all the rage these days, so it should come as no surprise that there are some crazy Doug fan theories. The show about a dorky boy with an overactive imagination and an underwear-sporting superhero alter ego holds a firm place in the hearts of '90s kids. Of all the old school cartoons – especially the Nickelodeon ones – Doug was one of the best (because the Disney version sucked... almost as much as their live version), but these twisted notions might make you see your favorite Quail-themed superhero through a different lens.

Whether it's Roger being diseased or Doug being addicted to drugs, these theories are way out there. One particular Doug Funnie fan theory is truly disturbing, having to do with a sexual predator in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, they aren't all that messed up, but they are all surprising and often hilarious. Let's take a look at all of the fan theories about Doug. Be warned, some of these might ruin your childhood.

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Doug Was Molested By Mr. Dink

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Movie Pilot breaks down this Creepypasta fan theory by an unnamed author who views Doug through a dark lens. In the very first episode of Doug, audiences are introduced to Mr. Dink, Doug's eccentric neighbor who, upon meeting Doug, immediately tries to get him to come into his house to watch a movie.

Later in the episode, Dink is seen watching Doug form the bushes with a camera. Mr. Dink also lures Doug into his high tech shed on numerous occasions. Most disturbingly, when Doug goes to Scout Camp, Mr. Dink is the Scout Leader, and at one point, Doug and Skeeter find Mr. Dink naked in a tree. The result of all this is mental instability on the part of Doug, manifesting as either schizophrenia or drug addiction. 

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Roger Has The Hots For Doug

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A post on Read Too Deep explores Roger Klotz's personality to try and uncover why he's such a bully. In this case, the conclusion is reached that Roger is gay and is trying to repress his feelings for Doug, which is why he lashes out. Also, this theory explains that his repeated trips to the vice principal's office are intentional.

"The Vice Principal is named Mr. Bone and the Principal is named Mr. Buttsavitch (pronounced butt savage), these aren't subtle messages coming from these writers. Roger craves the presence of these two in his life, as they are the only two who understand who he truly is. Getting in trouble is a terrific beard for Roger’s frequent visit to these cleverly named administrators." 

Roger's “'tough guy' facade" is just a transparent cover to run from his true self.

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People Of Color Are The "Elite Ruling Class" In The Show

People Of Color Are The
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Doug and Patti are the two main "flesh colored" people in the show, and Redditor pricelle notes that they are presented as having "lower/working-class lifestyle." Conversely, the purplish Dink has grandiose political aspirations and spends lavishly, while Skeeter (who is either blue or green depending on your eyes/TV) is a super genius. The heart of the theory is that white people are depicted as mundane or below average, while colored people are notably superior. 

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JD From Scrubs Is A Grown-Up Doug

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CartoonJustice wants to bridge the gap between your childhood and adulthood, bringing two of your favorite shows together: Doug and Scrubs. This Redditor argues that the protagonist of Scrubs, JD, is Doug as an adult, citing multiple similarities to support the argument:

"JD and Doug both share extreme daydreaming; None of their friends or family intercede to stop this; Both have extreme fears of failure and keep a diary; They share a love of blonds who are over competitive; They both continually self-sabotage their love life; Both have a best friend of color... 

So Doug Yancey Funnie, traumatized by his parents's divorce gives up on his dreams of music and decides to go to medical school. His daydreaming and awkwardness follow him into adult hood. After a falling out with Skeeter he meets his new best friend in med school."