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Rebecca Bunch is having a life crisis as the many hilarious original songs on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend highlight. Her high-stress workaholic job as a lawyer in New York City was getting to her and her drive to succeed and lack of a personal life might have pushed her over the edge. In any case, Rebecca, a Yale and Harvard alum, cracks. She makes a random decision to move to West Covina, CA the home of her first love from summer camp, Josh. Why? Because it’s a brilliant way to set up a musical series and it's great fodder for some fun original TV musical songs. Warning: some explicit lyrics ahead!

The idea and the songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may seem to mock Southern California on the surface, but that would be missing creator Rachel Bloom’s point. The original Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs and musical numbers make us embrace, and eventually fall for, West Covina and its residents - especially the nutso Rebecca. 

The music from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is nothing short of brilliant. There are clever jokes; insider nods to SoCal culture; and realistic and wacky depictions of relationships between friends, lovers, and family. There’s even a shout out to Filipino culture along the way!

Pete Gardner (Darryl), Vincent Rodriguez (Josh), Santino Fontana (Greg), Donna Lynne Champlin (Paula), Gabrielle Ruiz (Valencia), and Tovah Feldshuh (Mrs. Bunch) all had to bring singing skills equal to their comedy chops on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, in order to keep up with the gloriously nutty brain of creator and writer Rachel Bloom (Rebecca).  

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll be sure to get many if not all of these Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs stuck in your head, even if it’s just for remembering that taking a total stranger home is dangerous and that’s not how smoke or fire works.  

What’s your favorite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show music so far? Darryl’s kind of creepy love song to his daughter? Rebecca’s rap about "giving good parent"? Valencia’s vagina voodoo yoga magic? Rebecca’s mom’s guilt-ridden plea for a bathroom? Upvote your favorite original song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and be sure to sing it with feeling... and that insane look in your eye.
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You Stupid B*tch

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Episode: “That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!” 
After a broken window stunt (which includes Paula and her husband Scott) to prevent Josh seeing a text, Rebecca is found out by Greg. She has a moment of self-loathing and karmic clarity. And of course, it’s a great ballad, complete with broken glass chandelier. 

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It Was a Sh*t Show

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Episode: ""When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?""

Greg sums up his relationship with Rebecca as he moves away to Atlanta. 

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Settle for Me

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Episode: "I’m Going on a Date with Josh’s Friend!"  

Greg realizes that he’s second fiddle to Josh so he sings his heart out in this black and white number, full of realistic expectation. With lyrics like, “If he’s your broken condom, I’m your Plan B" you really can't go wrong.
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Episode: "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" 

This song could easily work on Inside Amy Schumer as well. Rebecca prepares for a sort of date with Josh and reveals all of the horrible things women do to themselves to look like a glamorous human being.
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