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The Most Insane Lingerie You Can Buy

Being sexy takes work, especially when you and your S.O. have been together a long time. So when you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, whether it's for Valentine's Day or just any random Tuesday, you may find yourself tempted to pick up some sexy, wild lingerie. But why go for boring old lace or crotchless knickers, when you could get really crazy and buy one of the truly insane lingerie options on this list?

Lingerie is typically meant to entice and excite, but the crazy underwear on this list may give your stomach more nausea than butterflies. Still, if you're into eating candy out of your lover's butt or making your junk look like a wild animal, more power to you!

So before you check out the usual spots like Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood, decide to turn things up a notch and get some weird underwear to get freaky in. From edible underwear of the beef or chocolate variety to GPS undies and hair-covered options, we've got you covered.
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