14 Facts About Necrophilia That (Weirdly) Might Change Your Mind About It  

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Necrophilia, or the act of engaging in sexual relations with corpses, has become the stuff of gruesome legend, due in part to serial killers such as Ed Gein, Gary Ridgeway, and Jeffrey Dahmer, and, to a lesser extent, because of films like Kissed, Nekromantik, and Nekromantik 2.

But while the practice is highly taboo in our society, real necrophiliacs (or necrophiles) are alive and among us. Are they the sick, twisted monsters we've seen in film and television, or are they just like the rest of us? This list will attempt to parse fiction from reality and examine the necrophilia facts, even quoting from some real life necrophiliacs. A difficult task, given the stigma attached to having sex with corpses. It’s tricky to have one hundred percent solid data on the people who believe that love is a dish best served cold. And due to the fact that some of the most popular necrophiliacs are also serial killers, our views on this subgroup of fetishists and paraphiliacs are somewhat skewed (to say the least).

It is neither the intent of this list to advocate for nor denounce necrophilia, but rather to examine the condition with objective curiosity. If you’re a necrophiliac and feel like you have something to add to the conversation, PLEASE leave us a comment. 

There Are 10 Tiers of Necrophiliacs
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According to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) there are ten different types of necrophiliacs. The stages of necrophilia range from Level 1s who are role players that don't actually have intercourse with bodies, to Level 4s who are aroused by touching a corpse, to Level 10s who exclusively have sex with corpses, and can't even function sexually around a living human. 

Most Necrophiles Don't Want to Be Rejected
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Necrophiliacs seek out their version of love from corpses because they're afraid of rejection. According to a study by Jonathan P. Rossman and Phillip J. Resnick "the most common motive of the true necrophiles was to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner."

Although some other motives were listed as "attempt to gain comfort," and "attempt to gain self-esteem by the expression of power over a homicide victim," needing a partner, even if temporary, that physically cannot abandon the necrophile was the number one reason across the subjects interviewed.

You Can't Decide to Be a Necrophile
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In 2013 Joshua Miner, Alisa Massaro, and two of their friends brutally murdered Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins in Joliet, IL and then claimed to have sex on top of their dead bodies. But in their court case the following year, the two admitted that they actually had sex next to the bodies and couldn't finish due to feeling uncomfortable during the act. 

According to Miner, after the boys were murdered, "[Massaro's] like, 'Let's have sex.' And I was like, 'Let's have sex on the bodies.'" But, "We both couldn't get off, plus it was weird."

Despite the couple's desire to push boundaries and taboos, it seems this particular barrier could not be broken because they were not "true" necrophiliacs.

If You Can't Date a Warm Body, a Cold One Is Just as Good
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A rather bizarre story emerged out of Ghana in 2015, one that undermines the assertion that necrophilia is not common in the mortuary industry. 

Shakar Lucas a admitted that he had to have sex with dead bodies because normal/living women wouldn't give him the time of day. And even if he did have a girlfriend outside of the mortuary biz he'd have to cheat on her with a body anyway because it's all a part of the training. Lucas, who claims to have had sex with 100 dead bodies, told The Mirror, "That is the training you have to do that, because once you have done that you will not be afraid of them again."