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Jacob Shelton
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As the world grows increasingly strange, it seems like anything can happen. But what are the odds that out of the ordinary stuff will actually happen? This list looks at the weird statistics that silently govern our lives as we try to beat the odds to become millionaires and date supermodels. Some of the crazy odds that you’ll soon read are probably going to give you the heebie jeebies, especially if you’re worried about drunk airplane pilots or being possessed. But if you just relax and go with the flow, you’ll be able to contextualize these outlandish odds into what they really are: a series of misfortunes that are definitely going to happen to you.

Look, odds and percentages are weird and confusing. For instance, if the odds of accidentally setting your house on fire was 1 in 17, does that mean that every 17th person you know is going to accidentally set their house on fire? Probably not, but just to be safe you should probably buy an extra fire extinguisher to keep around the house. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t let these strange statistics impact your life beyond having a few chuckles (you can’t go around breathalyzing every 117th pilot that you meet, after all), but you can use these odds you won't believe to sound super smart and impress your friends.
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The Odds That a Missing Child Will Come Home Good news: 99.98% of missing children return home

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The Odds of Existing 1 in 10^2,685,000

191 113
The Odds of Becoming Disabled 1 in 4 people under the age of 20 will be disabled before they retire

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The Odds That You'll Die on Your Birthday 7% higher than on any other day.

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The Odds That a Left Handed Person Will Die Using a Right Handed Appliance 1 in 4.4 million

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The Odds That Your Pilot Is Drunk 1 to 117

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The Odds of Getting Away with Murder 1 in 2 (Maybe)

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The Odds a Man Aged 25-44 Has Never Had Sex 1 in 35.71

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The Odds of Finding a Pearl in an Oyster 1 in 12,000

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The Odds That the President of the United States Attended Harvard 1 in 3.58

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The Odds of Being Born with Extra Fingers or Toes 1 in 500

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The Odds an Adult Will Visit the ER Due to a Pogo Stick Injury 1 in 115,300

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The Odds That You'll Be Attacked by a Shark 1 in 3,748,067

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The Odds of Being on The Price Is Right Approximately 1 in 36

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The Odds Someone Will Think You're Possessed 1 in 7,000

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The Odds of Writing a New York Times Bestseller 1 in 220

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The Odds of Injuring Yourself with a Chainsaw 1 in 4,464

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The Odds of Shuffling a Deck of Cards Into Perfect Numerical Order 1 in 10^68

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The Odds That Your Baby Will Be Born with Teeth 1 in 3,000

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The Odds That You'll Serve on a Jury in a Year 1 in 50 people, or 0.02% of the adult population

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The Odds That You'll Date a Supermodel 1 in 880,000

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The Odds of Becoming a Saint 1 in 20 million