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15 Mindblowing One Piece Fan Theories

Updated 6 Feb 2020 12.6k votes 2.6k voters 141.0k views15 items

One Piece has been going on strong for 23 years now. Within that time frame, the series became the best selling-manga and best-selling comic series of all time. The One Piece anime TV series has aired over 900 episodes and released 14 theatrical films; all of which are broadcasted worldwide. Even as One Piece is getting closer to its conclusion, a live-action Netflix series is on its way, showing One Piece is here to stay. 

However, any series that has gone on as long as One Piece will attract a fan theory or two. Especially when it’s populated by so many mysterious characters, strange worlds, and unbelievable treasures. How did Blackbeard gain the power of two Devil Fruits? What’s with that giant straw hat at Mary Geoise? What is the true purpose of those Ancient Weapons? And most important of all: What is One Piece? The One Piece fandom have boiled down 15 of the hottest questions within the series' strange, yet, whimsical universe and answered them with compelling evidence that spans over two decades. 

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