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Paul Nyhart
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It's that time of year again, when aspiring politicians, farmers, yahoos, or possibly a combination of all three are trying to count on your vote to place them into office. Because pamphlets and word of mouth just aren't what they used to be, many of these would-be politicians have created video ads to help get the word out. . . which means we can relive these bizarre moments again and again. 

We were able to track down the weirdest campaign ads for everything ranging from U.S. Senate seats to Presidential elections and even the local Head of Agriculture. We may not have given these candidates our votes when they were actually running, but we sure can now! Vote for the strangest political ads that make you wonder what they were thinking. 
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Jerry Springer Wants To Be Your Governor. . . Oh He's Also Sorry For Soliciting a Prostitute That One Time

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Wait, this is serious? This is serious.
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Basil Marceaux Wants To Be Your Governor. . . Because "Creepy Uncle" Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It

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The Sanest Man on This List

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Mandatory tooth brushing laws, time travel research, defense against zombies. . . if these are your issues, we have your candidate.
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Throwback: A Vote for Barry Goldwater Would be a Vote for the KKK

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