Musicians Crazy Stories Of Rammstein, That Band Every Dude In High School Loved  

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Rammstein is an industrial metal band from East Germany that has maintained a huge American following since the 1990s. There are six members, Richard Z. Kruspe, Oliver "Ollie" Riedel, Christoph "Doom" Schneider, Till Lindemann, Paul H. Landers, and Christian "Flake" Lorenz.

Since the band's conception, Rammstein has made some controversial moves, to say the least. They write songs about a variety of touchy subjects including sexual assault, pedophilia, murder, incest, cannibalism, and also how awkward it is to be in a pool with an erection. 

In addition to their music, band members have produced a steady steam of crazy Rammstein stories. There was the time guitarist Richard Kruspe had a kid with lead singer Till Lindemann's ex-wife, or the night Lindemann fired a "penis cannon" into the audience while performing at Madison Square Garden.

Everyone has an opinion about the band, but not everyone knows Rammstein's full story. Check out these Rammstein facts that you might like to believe were made up... 

They Actually Made Themselves Bleed For The "Rosenrot" Video

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"Rosenrot" is a song about a girl who persuades a priest to murder her parents. While the concept is certainly intense, the members of Rammstein weren't satisfied with the song, and wanted something a little more interesting for the accompanying video. They decided to add flagellation to the mix, foregoing any and all special effects. According to Zoran Bihac, who directed the music video: 

"We were going to get a special effects guy to show the whip wounds and the band took me aside and said, ‘Come on, we’ll drink vodka and do it ourselves.’ The blood that you see, the wounds, it’s real stuff, they all went off to this tent that we had for the shoot, drunk a litre of vodka and then they just kept on rocking and went for it and that was it. That’s what they did, even thinking about it now, it’s incredible.”

They Were Sued By A German Cannibal

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One of Rammstein's most notorious songs, "Mein Teil," is based on the true story of Armin Meiwes, a man who is in prison for cannibalism. Specifically, Meiwes dismembered and consumed the body of Bernd Juergen Brandes while the victim was still alive. 

Richard Kruspe, the band's guitarist, saw this story as valuable material. With some research, he found out that Meiwes's mother had destroyed almost all of his personal relationships, and concluded that Miewes may have wanted to eat another person in order to always have them with him. "Mein Teil" was directly based on this story; so much so that the band would have used footage from the actual event, which Miewes filmed, if the video wasn't locked up in police custody.

In 2006,  Miewes decided to sue, claiming that Rammstein had used his personal story without his permission. He also sued to prevent the release of Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story, a horror film with similar content. 

Lindemann Faked Being On Fire During Over 20 Concerts

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Rammstein uses a lot of pyrotechnics in their performances, so accidentally setting themselves on fire isn't exactly implausible. In fact, Till Lindemann actually did scorch his leg during a performance. After that, he started wearing fireproof clothing, but he pretended otherwise on at least 20 occasions. In an interview with Playboy he said: 

"One time the fans really thought I was burning: we made up a scene like I was having an accident and my leg was burning. Flake came with a fire extinguisher, but it contained a flammable powder. I was in flame, the music ended, the lights in the room went on. I rolled on the stage and assistants came with real fire extinguishers. We did that on 20 shows, but had to stop, because fans considered it to be too much and complained in the Internet. They were really shocked."

Lindemann Appeared In A Children's Movie

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You probably wouldn't expect a guy whose solo lyrics include:

"Your flabby butthole 

a soggy cave

I put in my parts

and let them bathe"

to be particularly involved in children's media, but Till Lindemann actually played a role in a German children's movie called Amundsen der PinguinThe movie was about a young girl and her scientist uncle trying to protect a penguin from treasure hunters, and Lindemann plays a character named Victor who gets bitten by a penguin.