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Melissa Brinks
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Anybody who has ever worked retail knows that there are always absurd rules governing how employees must behave on and off the floor. The rules Victoria's Secret staffers must follow are incredibly irregular, though. These mandates dictate not just what employees can do but also what they can't. VS employees have to walk on eggshells.

The craziest requirements at Victoria's Secret stores will shock the average customer because the work looks relatively easy. However, VS employees are just as regulated as the Victoria's Secret models.

Employees Can Sell Returned Items If The Tags Are Attached

Nobody wants to buy used underwear. But, according to one source, Victoria’s Secret company policy allows anything with a tag to go back out for sale. Thankfully, after a few investigative reports found that some products on the sales floor were less than pristine, employees started damaging out returned underwear.

Still, always wash underwear before wearing it for the first time, just to be sure.

Employees Have To Compliment Customers Even If The Compliments Are False

Victoria’s Secret employees really aren't supposed to be honest with customers. If someone asks for an opinion about how a lingerie set looks, for example, the employee is going to say the shopper looks great. The truth is totally irrelevant unless it's specifically regarding one's bra size. 

Consider bringing a tactfully honest friend for feedback when you shop instead of relying on VS employees.

Employees Sometimes Experience Pressure To Work Through Breaks

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Victoria’s Secret employees have sales goals to meet. From a manager’s perspective, anybody who isn’t carrying his or her weight is expendable, which means that employees might be sent home if quotas aren't met. That puts the pressure on VS staffers; many of them feel as though they need to work through breaks to make sales goals. It’s not so much that the company requires employees to work through breaks (that’d be in violation of labor laws) but the high sales requirements are very intimidating. 

Employees Have To Destroy Promotional Ads So People Won't Steal The Pictures

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Victoria's Secret's elaborate window displays are meant to catch the eyes of shoppers wandering the mall. But sometimes those ads catch the eyes of certain lusty individuals. The company knows that some people enjoy promotional material of lingerie-clad women for scandalous reasons, so employees are encouraged to cut up promo pictures before trashing them to avoid misuse.