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Tommy Wiseau's The Room is an enigma. It's not just a bad film - it's a film so inexplicably terrible that the realm of its awfulness doesn't even feel like it should exist on this planet. Between the out-of-sync, overdubbed dialogue, the plot lines that never resolve, and Wiseau's bizarre accent, it reads like an alien interpretation of a human love triangle. In fact, most of us wouldn't be surprised if Wiseau was an extraterrestrial in a human suit a la Men In Black. Yet, we can't help but love it - just ask the leagues of admirers that attend midnight showings and throw handfuls of plastic spoons at the screen in adoration.

The Room behind-the-scenes is exactly the brand of bizarre that you'd expect from a film so bafflingly awful that it actually elicits a positive emotional response. Many people herald it as the Citizen Kane of bad movies, and it's so widely beloved that James Franco transformed its story into the Golden Globe-winning film The Disaster Artist.

Wiseau's path to success (or failure, depending on how you look at it) is deeply inspiring. He proves that you can achieve your wildest dreams with hardly any technical ability, as long as you never give up. After 14 years, Wiseau finally received his Golden Globe in 2018 by proxy, but it still counts. Or at least it should.

The Room versus The Disaster Artist is truly an exploration of awful. The former is the worst film ever made, and the latter is heralded as the highest form of art. So where do we draw the line? What makes our idea of terrible anything other than thinly-veiled genius?  The true story behind The Disaster Artist questions our rigid ideas of success and has us screaming, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"  And maybe, one day, if we all try hard enough, we'll forget the image of Wiseau's bare, pale butt that's permanently burned into our retinas.

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It Took Tommy Wiseau 32 Takes To Say "Oh, Hi Mark" With The Proper Level Of Conviction

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Tommy Wiseau casually saying "oh, hi, Mark" after screaming about his girlfriend's abuse allegations is arguably one of the film's most revered scenes (and not because it's any good). According to co-star Greg Sestero, this Academy Award nominated piece of artistic expression took more than a few tries.

It took Wiseau a whopping 32 takes to perfect the lines, "I did not hit her! It's not true! It's bullsh*t! I did not hit her! I did not! Oh, hi, Mark!"

And he needed cue cards. The effort was clearly worth it because it was the performance of a lifetime.

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The Rooftop Scenes Were Shot With A Green Screen Despite Having Access To An Actual Rooftop

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Sometimes, the fake thing is better than the real thing... at least according to Tommy Wiseau. Despite the fact that production had access to a real San Francisco rooftop, Wiseau decided to shoot the scenes on a set with a green screen. When you have a $6 million budget, you have to spend it somewhere, right?

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Tommy Wiseau Blew A Huge Chunk Of The Budget By Buying A Film And Video Camera To Simultaneously Shoot Each Scene

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Part of the genius of The Room is the insane ways in which Tommy Wiseau decided to blow through the film's $6 million budget (it was his money; he could spend it however he wanted). One of the biggest costs was the purchase of two cameras - a film camera and a video camera that simultaneously shot the same scenes from the same perspective. It's truly an inspiring waste of money in an industry where most people just choose to rent a camera or two, and it may have actually been worth it if even half of the scenes were in focus.

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Paramount Pictures Rejected The Film In 24 Hours

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Even though it usually takes Paramount Pictures at least two weeks to get back to anyone, The Room was so egregiously awful, they rejected the film in just 24 hours. Instead, Tommy Wiseau created his own distribution network called Wiseau-Films, truly taking the idea of DIY to the next level. Wiseau certainly won't let haters tear him apart.

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