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Nathan Gibson
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Actors can be a fickle group of people at times. Everyone has heard stories about how a famous actor has acted like a diva by forcing some bizarre clauses into their contracts or behaving like a child on set. Yet, the truth is that many filmmakers have to put up with this kind of thing all the time in order to keep their biggest stars happy. They might even go out of their way to make crazy concessions just to ensure that an actor gets on with their job.

After all, when it comes to big franchises and blockbuster movies, it is essential that movie studios have big names attached. They have huge pulling power around the world and are often associated with particular brands in a way that makes it impossible to make a movie without them. It isn’t like a director can simply fire someone who has played the main character for several films, especially when an entire franchise has been built up around them.

This has given actors enormous power and some of them take advantage of it to an insane degree. Let’s just hope you're never working on set when they decide they need some special treatment before doing their job... talk about a headache.

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Re-Recording Every Line Of Dialogue

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Photo:  DreamWorks Pictures

When Mike Myers was shown a rough cut of the first Shrek movie he decided that he should change his accent and re-record every single line of dialogue. Considering he had already finished his recording and that a significant amount of scenes had already been animated, this was a big request for the filmmakers as it would mean a bump in the budget to re-do all that work. Myers was able to convince them that a Scottish accent would work better with the character and studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg eventually agreed. The move ended up costing Dreamworks an additional $5 million.

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Having Lines Fed Through An Earpiece So They Don’t Have To Learn The Script

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Photo:  Disney

A legal dispute between Johnny Depp and his former management group led to a number of interesting facts becoming public knowledge. Chief amongst them was the claim that the actor didn’t even bother to learn his lines for Pirates of the Caribbean. Instead, he relies on a sound engineer to read his dialogue directly into an earpiece so that he can simply repeat them on set. The court papers revealed that the sound engineer was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years as he was kept on-call full-time so that the actor would never have to memorize any of the script.

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Changing An Entire Set Design

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Photo: Gary Graver

There are plenty of weird stories about Gary Busey but the craziest of all might be from his time on the set of Quigley. The actor refused to perform for a scene that took place in heaven because he felt that the set was designed all wrong. Apparently, Busey had been in a near-death experience and had visited heaven before being brought back to life. He felt this gave him a unique insight into how heaven really looked and he effectively forced the production crew to redesign the entire set before he would do his job – delaying the movie by several days. Curtis Armstrong even explained how he had gotten in a fight with another actor about the look heaven should have.              

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Allowing Two Actors To Never Appear Together In A Scene

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Photo:  HBO

Eagled-eyed Game of Thrones fans might have noticed that Bronn and Cersei never appear together in any scenes. This is despite the fact that Bronn has worked extensively for both of her brothers and should be in constant contact with her to some degree. The truth behind this is that the producers know to keep the pair apart at all costs. According to a show source, the pair used to date but are no longer on speaking terms. This has required that the writers make sure that the two don’t have to share any scenes.

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