magic 17 Magic Spells To Get You Money $$$  

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Wealth, money and prosperity are not easy things to come by for many people in recent times, but maybe the struggling masses are missing a key element in their never ending and rarely fruitful money quest. There is a secret to acquiring wealth that the elite have been using for thousands of years. The illuminated ones know that wealth is not acquired by hard work alone. Sometimes a little magic can help. While skeptics may be quick to blow off the abilities of magical potions, spells, chants and money attracting incantations, it is a fact that ritual magic has been used in the very architecture of our society's political and economic epicenters. There must be a reason.

Desperate for money? Try these spells that we found and let us know if they were able to bring some wealth into your life. To create this enchanted list we have scoured the internet for magic in many forms, practices and religions. We have collected money rituals from Voodoo and Wicca to Tantric Yoga Money Meditations, Reiki and even Christian money prayers. I am casting a spell and a blessing on this list to bring money, happiness and prosperity to you.

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Voodoo Money Spell

12 Amazing Real-Life Resurrection Stories The Best Tasting Whiskey

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Numerology Money Incantation

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Santeria Money Rituals

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A Prayer to God Asking for Prosperity

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Mudra Hand Position Techniques for Money Attraction

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Russian Money Magic

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Wiccan Money Spell

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Hypnosis to Attract Money

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Money Chant

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Reiki for Abundance

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Prayer to Indian Money God

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Abundance Candle Spell

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NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Money "spell"

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Yoga and Tantric Breathing for Prosperity

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Manifesting Money

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Subliminal Messaging

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Clearing Money Blocks