13 Incredibly Creative Aquariums You Need to See

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Vote up the aquariums that are so creative any fish would consider them a home sweet watery home.

In a world dominated by cute cats and adorable puppies, we seem to forget about one of the best pet options out there: the fish. Whether you win your little buddy at a carnival, or spend hours browsing the tank-adorned aisles of your local pet store, the day you bring home your new fish is going to be the happiest day of your life. You are responsible for helping to breathe life into your new pet fish's tiny gills by making sure his fish tank is clean, full of fresh water... and totally awesome.

What makes a fish tank cool enough to house your new aquatic BFF? We’ve gathered a collection of some of the most creative aquariums and fish tanks to give you inspiration for your next fish housing makeover. These deluxe fish-housing units are designed to entice Nemo to forget about the ocean and sign a new lease.

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    A Great Use for All those Obsolete Phone Booths in London

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    This Looks Like Something Richie Rich Would Buy

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    Everything You Need To Win The Quidditch World Cup

    Everything You Need To Win The Quidditch World Cup
    Photo: u/kst8er / Reddit
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    Grow A Plant, Feed A Fish

    Grow A Plant, Feed A Fish
    Photo: Outgeek / Amazon