25 Creative Solutions To Everyday Problems That Made Us Do A Double Take

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Modern day problems can sometimes seem unsolvable without the help of professionals. But for the folks over on this subreddit, there's no problem, no matter how complex, that can't be easily solved from home. No professionals, just creative DIY engineering hacks. Be sure to vote up the best creative solutions!

  • 1. Maximum Comfort Level

    Maximum Comfort Level
    Photo: u/goobly_goo / Reddit
  • 2. Escape Plan Thwarted

    Escape Plan Thwarted
    Photo: u/zeromig / Reddit
  • 3. Stairway To Heaven?

    Stairway To Heaven?
    Photo: u/samcornwell / Reddit
  • 4. Rain Shower

    Rain Shower
    Photo: u/beetlejules57 / Reddit
  • 5. Homemade Air Conditioning

    Homemade Air Conditioning
    Photo: u/PharmacistDude / Reddit
  • 6. No Auto Mechanic Needed

    No Auto Mechanic Needed
    Photo: u/Spudnut / Reddit