Clever and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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Halloween is almost upon us, and that means costumes. Perhaps this year, something is different - you're finally in a relationship with that special someone! Naturally, you want to showcase your undying love and companionship by hitting all the Halloween parties in a couple costume - how are people going to know you are there with your other half if your costume doesn't say it right away? Or maybe you're single, you're sick of dressing solo and you've convinced a best friend to be your costume partner for the night. If you're strapped for unique ideas, take a look at this list of the best and coolest couple's costumes. 

Whether you decide on a classic pair from film, childhood toys, or something much more avant-garde, you'll find some spectacular ideas of couple's costumes that are totally DIY doable. Most costumes just take a few items of clothing you probably already have laying around and some craftiness, but there are definitely some that you can go all out with. Vote up the coolest couples costumes below. If you're looking for tall and short couples costumes, we have even more ideas here.