Creative Homemade Prom Dresses

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What's the best way to make sure no one else is wearing the same dress as you on prom night? Create your own! Need some inspiration? Just check out this list of creative homemade prom dresses.

Anyone can wear silk, taffeta, or lace, but these DIY prom dresses take the creative dress materials to a whole other level. From soda pop tabs to old coffee filters, bubble wrap to duct tape, you're sure to find some inspiration from the homemade prom dress pictures on the list. All you have to do is bring all your creative cards (or actual playing cards) to the sewing table. 

Making cool homemade prom dresses is as easy as picking a material and finding a dress pattern online. From there, you just need a little patience and a little know-how. Oh, and enough time to get the dress done before the big night. Because it's one thing to wear a sophisticated gown made out of up-cycled plastic, and another to look like garbage because you ran out of time and threw on a trash bag.

Take a look at these creative prom dresses and vote up the one you'd want to wear to your prom!
Most divisive: A Dress That Would Make the Newspaper

  • 1. Light Up the Night Fairy Garden

    Light Up the Night Fairy Garden
    Photo: Pinterest
    5,821 votes
  • 2. Amazing Afro-Centric Dress

    Amazing Afro-Centric Dress
    Photo: Pinterest
    4,396 votes
  • 3. A Silver and Gold Approach to Duct Tape

    A Silver and Gold Approach to Duct Tape
    Photo: Pinterest
    4,495 votes
  • 4. What to Do with All Those Books from English Class

    What to Do with All Those Books from English Class
    Photo: Pinterest
    4,678 votes
  • 5. A Flowery Promenade

    A Flowery Promenade
    Photo: Pinterest
    3,965 votes
  • 6. Prom Queen of Hearts

    Prom Queen of Hearts
    Photo: Pinterest
    4,638 votes