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14 Creative Pregnancy Announcements

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If you're expecting a new edition to your family, the phrase "We're pregnant!" is probably running through your head a zillion times a day. Whether you're stoked beyond belief or you can barely believe it, the news is certainly exciting. You should tell your family and friends first, before you shout if from the rooftops and thankfully, there are lots of cute and creative ways to let them all know.

What are the cutest, most creative baby announcement ideas? While some are hilarious and some will pull at your heartstrings, these pregnancy photos and creative pregnancy reveal ideas will get you all the Facebook and Instagram likes. That's why you're having this baby, right?!

Take a look at these baby announcements and vote up the the most comical, creative, and cool methods for telling everyone that there's a little bun in the oven.

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    Even If You're Bad At Math...

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    Play The Game Of Life

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    Stop Traffic

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    Since There's Nothing More Adorable Than Baby Shoes...


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    Create an "awwwww" worthy announcement by using itty bitty footwear like Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland did.

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