Total Nerd People And Teachers Share Their Most Creative Stories Of Cheating In School  

Mick Jacobs
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Students and cheating go hand-in-hand like d-bags and vape culture, and the genius ways students cheat reveal just how deep the relationship goes. Even if a teacher prohibits phones, water bottles, and graphing calculators during tests, at least one student will manage to hide the answers in their hair or on the inner side of their thigh.

Teachers often share stories of clever ways their students tried to cheat, typically to let their current class know they're up on all the tricks. Sometimes, a student manages to cheat so cleverly that their teacher will totally ignore it, since the clever ways students try to cheat often showcase their intellect better than any chemistry test or sentence diagram.

Many of the most brilliant student cheating methods turn up on Reddit, and both students and school teachers have been sharing their best cheating stories. Some get caught, whereas others get away with it, but all of these outrageous student cheating techniques clearly stuck with people more than state capitals or the Pythagorean theorem.


Out Of The Red

From Redditor /u/Sudo64:

"In high school math class we had to correct our papers with red ink. I would swap the ink tube out of a red pen with a black ink tube. It looked like I was 'grading' my paper, but in reality I was changing my answers."

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A Keystroke Of Fortune

From Redditor /u/dragonflye559:

"I have no proof of this, but I swear it happened. I was a TA for a physics class in college. We give the final exam. The next day, the other TA and I are grading the exams, and two students have very similar answers. Not copied exactly, but similar enough that its suspicious. Especially because one of the students was the lowest in the class, and the questions were pretty difficult. But these kids were nowhere near each other, and neither took bathroom breaks during the test, and we collect all phones at the start. Our only possible theory is that they somehow got the test early. But I kept it locked in my closet for the days before it was given. So I began to think back.

I remembered that about a month or so before, this one student was having trouble seeing an assignment online (or so he said), so he asked me to sign into his laptop to download the file for him. So I did, and then signed out. So my theory is that this kid used some sort of keystroke recorder to get my email password, got a copy of the exam from the email from my professor, worked on the test beforehand with this other kid who wasn't as good, until they had decent answers, then they both just did the test normally after that.

It still haunts me to this day."

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Even Geeks Cheat

From Redditor /u/adrijang:

"I wrote history notes all over the desk using the tengwar font I learnt from a friend who loved Lord of the Rings back when there wasn't any movie yet.

I passed the test."

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Saving The Dates

From Redditor /u/Poops_McGillin:

"In college I blew off all my homework for a math class and only took the tests. Going into the final I saw my current grade and I knew I was going to fail. After the final I went to the teacher and asked why my grade was so low (obviously I knew why). He pointed out I was missing 80% of the homework. There was a two-step process to submitting work. First, your upload you homework online, then you submit it to the teacher. I proceeded to double down and say I had uploaded all the work but must have forgotten to submit. He said to go check my account and, if the homework was indeed uploaded and the upload dates were before the due dates, he would accept it.

So here's where the cheating began. He had posted all the solutions to all the homework. When I left his office, I bolted home and began copying all the missing homework. Now, this was 2002 and there were a lot of bugs and missing safeguards with regard to the school network. So I took a chance and changed my home PC date to be the day before an assignment was due, then uploaded that assignment. The network logged the assignment upload date based on my PC date/time, not the school network's. I did this for each assignment (missing a couple problems/assignments here and there).

I went back to the teacher and he reviewed my account and dates. Ended up with a B in the class."

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