Which YouTubers Would You Want To See In The Next Influencer Boxing Match?

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Vote up the creators you'd want to see in the ring at the next influencer boxing event.

When YouTuber KSI first challenged infamous fellow creators Jake and Logan Paul to an amateur boxing match, it was easy for some to dismiss the event as a flash-in-the-pan internet antic. But given the past popularity of white-collar and celebrity boxing, it's unsurprising that the event ended up being ridiculously popular and lucrative. It even spawned not only a rematch, but multiple similar events like YouTubers vs. TikTokers and iDubbbz's Creator Clash.

So it seems “influencer boxing” is here to stay, with more fights already planned or in the works - and for creators who haven't gone any rounds yet, there will be plenty of future opportunities to do so. Which creator would you most like to see give (or take!) a punch in the ring? Vote below to let us know.