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22 Authors And Creators Who Had Cameos In Their Own Adaptations

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There’s nothing more meta than when an author/creator appears in an adaptation of their work. While many movie cameos have this element, the self-referential equivalent of God (disguised as a bystander) showing up to say hello is the most revered. These sorts of moments can be emotional: funny, joyful, or even bittersweet. It's Hollywood’s way of winking at the audience and saying, “Your favorite book is in faithful hands - even the author approves."

Stan Lee famously made a habit of appearing in pretty much every Marvel film ever made. When he passed in 2018, fans had yet to see him in blockbusters like Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. His respective roles as “passenger on train” and “driver” further cemented his legacy, immortalizing his contribution to the comic book industry. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, simple cameos can mean a lot. Perhaps this is why droves of writers have taken the time to give their stamp of approval, show support, or just have some fun on set. Check out some of the most memorable author/creator cameos below - and remember to vote up your favorites.