Dangerous Movie Aliens And Creatures The Predators Would Love To Hunt

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Compared to a human being, the mighty Yautja seem strong and fearsome, but how powerful is a Predator in the grand scheme of things? There are many mighty alien species across the cinematic landscape, but how many of them would be made prey by a Predator? 

Predator is one of the best action films of all time, and the best Predator moments are right up there with any sci-fi killing machine. On the flipside, Alien vs. Predator doesn't quite hit the same cinematic high points, but it is fun to watch the Yautja face off against another great sci-fi monster. The Predator hunting various sci-fi monsters makes sense, too, because the Yautja are a proud warrior race to which hunting is everything. Yautja achieve status in their clans and get their pick of a mate based on what alien races they're able to best in combat. There's nothing a Yautja likes more than worthy prey, so if they had their pick over any sci-fi monster, what species would make for the best hunt? 

Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

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    Krayt Dragons

    Krayt Dragons
    Photo: The Mandalorian / Disney+

    Krayt Dragons are reptiles from Tatooine that can be broken down into two subspecies. There's the smaller land-Krayt and the quite massive Greater Krayt. They are the apex predator on Tatooine, so on a planet full of great prey for hunting, there's no better prize for a Yautja than the Greater Krayt Dragon. 

    Yautja love their trophies, and the Krayt Dragons come equipped with pearls inside of them. This makes them a satisfying hunt for the Yautja - if they can manage to eliminate one, that is. 

    In The Mandalorian, Mando is tasked with hunting down a Greater Krayt Dragon. This is no small task, and he has to ally himself with a tribe of Tusken Raiders to complete it. Eventually, he manages to destroy the creature by blowing it up from the inside. If the Yautja want to stand a chance against these beasts, that's the recommended course of action. 

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    Photo: Guardians of the Galaxy / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Groot is a Flora colossus and hails from a world known as Planet X. Star-Lord's former Celestial potential aside, Groot is easily the strongest guardian of the galaxy. Groot is entirely comprised of durable wood that he can grow at will. He can move his body like a wooden Mr. Fantastic. 

    Groot would not make an easy target for a Yautja. If a Yautja wanted to hunt Groot, it might be easiest just to cut off a piece of him and regrow a Groot in captivity. 

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    Photo: Cloverfield / Paramount Pictures

    Clover is a massive kaiju from Cloverfield. Clover is big enough and strong enough to shut down New York's energy grid and rip the head off of the Statue of Liberty. Clover's tail alone is massive enough to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. 

    Clover is only brought down in Cloverfield after the military throws every bomb they have at the creature. So, any Yautja stalking one will have to stay camouflaged long enough to hide plenty of explosives/traps around the beast. There's absolutely no way a Yautja could take down Clover in a fair fight. 

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    Those who remember Stitch as a cuddly pet for Lilo would do well to remember his roots. Stitch is described in the film as being "bulletproof, fireproof, and can think faster than [a] supercomputer. He can see in the dark and lift objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct... to destroy everything he touches!” Stitch is as clever as he is powerful, as shown through his masterful escape from his imprisonment. It's also important to note that he's adept at operating basically all alien weapons and ships. 

    Stitch would give a Yautja a run for their money. He's just as strong as a Yautja and just as clever. Honestly, he may be too powerful of a target for one to attempt to hunt down. Still, if an ambitious Yautja does want to give it a go, Stitch has a few weaknesses that a Yautja could exploit. For instance, his phobia of water. 

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    The Death Angels

    The Death Angels
    Photo: A Quiet Place / Paramount Pictures

    The Death Angels from A Quiet Place are aliens with outer shells so powerful they can withstand all known human tools. They can not see, but they have incredibly sensitive hearing that alerts them to their prey. They all but completely wiped out human civilization, and the remaining humans have no better option than simply trying to stay out of their way. 

    There is a secret to killing a Death Angel. This secret is discovered by Regan, a young girl who realizes that if she amplifies the high frequency sound her hearing aid generates, she causes great pain to any nearby Death Angels. The pain is so severe, in fact, that it causes the Death Angels to spread open the armor that comprises their head, revealing a weak spot that can be shot. 

    A Yautja/Death Angel fight is an interesting thing to discuss. It basically comes down to whether or not the Yautja in question knows the Death Angel's weakness. If the Yautja doesn't, they'll lose, hands down. But, the Yautja are sophisticated enough hunters that if they do know the weakness, they could eliminate every Death Angel in existence. 

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    Sand Worms

    Sand Worms
    Photo: Dune / Universal Pictures

    Sand Worms are absolutely massive behemoths that live on the planet Arrakis. Sand Worms are said to get as big as 450 meters, which is seven meters longer than the Empire State Building is tall. 

    This kaiju-sized worm is definitely out of the general range of what the Yautja like to hunt - but that doesn't mean taking a Sand Worm down would necessarily be impossible for an ambitious Predator. While water is hard to find on Arrakis, if a Yautja comes equipped with some H20, taking the Sand Worm down wouldn't be too hard at all. Water is incredibly poisonous to Sand Worms, even in small doses. So, a super soaker should do the trick. 

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