Every Credits Song From Modern Superhero Films, Ranked

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When it comes to superhero movie credits songs, mostly instrumental score songs are par for the course. It's understandable directors would want to hire talented composers to produce something entirely new to encapsulate the fantasy universe portrayed onscreen, but sometimes it's nice for audiences to hear some familiar tunes when the film reaches its dramatic conclusion and the credits start to roll. A handful of superhero films opt to indulge such a longing by featuring really great, non-score songs as their film credits music. Here, you'll find a collection of some of the best songs used in ending credits and have the chance to cast your vote on which ones were the most epic. 

This list of superhero movie credits songs features everything from Nickelback to Kendrick Lamar. Which non-score songs truly left audiences in awe? Did Dashboard Confessional's bittersweet "Vindicated" sum up Peter Parker's emotional journey as he came to terms with the fact great power means great responsibility? Did the recognizable opening notes of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" make you get up and cheer after the ending of the film of the same name? Give the songs below a listen and discover some of the best superhero soundtracks out there. 

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