The Scariest Facts We Learned In 2021 That Kept Us Screaming All Year

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In nearly every week of 2021, Graveyard Shift took to the internet to find freaky facts, scary stories, and terrifying bits of trivia that chilled us to the bone. Then we shared our finds with our readers so they could vote up the most unsettling ones - and here they all are.

Check out - if you dare - the reader-voted creepiest facts of the year, and don't forget to vote up the ones that disturbed you the most.

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    Trapped In A Tomb

    In 1885, The New York Times reported that a man had accidentally been entombed alive after being sick for several weeks. Friends and family believed he had finally succumbed to his illness, although they did comment on the unusually limber state (lack of rigor mortis) of his body upon internment.

    Eventually, the man was exhumed so he could be transferred to a family graveyard. When they opened his wooden coffin, they discovered scratches clearly made by fingernails on the inside. The body had also turned around, and much of its hair was pulled out - all pointing towards his panicked attempts to escape upon awaking in his tomb.

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    He Caught The Worm's Cancer

    In 2015, a Colombian man became infected with a tapeworm that continued to grow uninhibited inside him. When he finally saw a doctor, they discovered that the worm itself had developed cancer, which then metastasized inside the man, resulting in tumors in his lung and lymph nodes made not of human cells, but of clumps of tapeworm cells.

    Essentially, the tapeworm caused him to grow tumors of a different species inside him.

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    From Redditor u/SaintInc:

    I am a doctor... There's this fun condition called Neurocysticercosis, which is when tapeworm eggs migrate into their host's brain. The image above shows the eggs everywhere. The grey, brain-looking stuff is, well, brain. The buckshot-looking stuff are the eggs. Enjoy and sleep tight.

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    Cannibalism Was Always A Part Of The Plan

    Some captives of Russia's gulags of the 1900s would make escape plans which included a "walking supply."

    Because the gulags were often so far from civilization that any escape plan would have to include traveling for days or weeks across a barren landscape, this became a term for a convict included in the prison break for the sole purpose of being eaten when food was too scarce - they would, in effect, be walking meat.

    In at least one instance, an escapee who carried out such a plan was even caught with the human flesh of the man he escaped with still in his bag.

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    They Grow Inside

    From a former Redditor:

    The larvae of the parasitic botfly [grow] under the skin of animals while feeding from their flesh. Once mature, they burst out from the skin of their host. According to National Geographic, "it can take weeks or even months for the wriggling parasites to finish growing and leave the body."

    Oh, and they can infect humans, too.

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    The Valentich Disappearance

    On October 21, 1978, a pilot named Frederick Valentich was flying a Cessna 182L light aircraft from Moorabbin, Australia, to Kings Island. At 7:06 pm, he radioed Melbourne Flight Service to report an unidentified aircraft flying roughly 1,000 feet above him. He reported four landing lights visible above him that were moving erratically.

    His last words were, "It isn't an aircraft" - interrupted by a strange metallic sound.

    Valentich was never seen again.

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