WATCH The Creepiest Abandoned Cities That You Can Find (If You Dare)  

Mick Jacobs

Something about abandoned cities makes them both extremely fascinating and eerie at the same time. Ranker put together a list of the world's creepiest abandoned cities, and the video below features the top three.

In countries all across the globe, people flee cities for any number of reasons. Disease, lack of food or resources, or natural disasters often force citizens to abandon their homes. Though they usually flee from some kind of horror, the empty shells they leave behind are almost scarier.

Take Pripyat, the site of the Chernobyl disaster, for example. The nuclear reactor meltdown was undeniably horrific—and when you walk around Pripyat today, it looks and feels as if you're right back in that moment when the plant exploded.

Somehow, Pripyat is only #3 on our list. Watch the video below to find out which cities are creepier than the site of one of the worst nuclear accidents in history.