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Creepiest Warning Sounds, Sirens, And Alert Sounds

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We live in a world filled with scary sounds. Noises that make our skin crawl and send shivers down our spines. Though perhaps nothing is more frightening than a bunch of scary alert sounds. It not only tells you something bad is on the way, but it does so in the worst possible manner. Check out the list below of scary sirens and vote up the sound you never want to hear again!
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    Tornado Siren in Chicago

    Video: YouTube
    Obviously the creators of this creepy tornado siren want you to think you're in Silent Hill  before you get sucked up by a tornado. 
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    Outdoor Warning System in Newberry County

    Video: YouTube
    This siren gets scarier as it goes on, mainly because it continues to increase in pitch and speed. A normal siren would have been fine, but this one seems to go out of its way to induce stress and panic. 
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    Tsunami Siren in Maui

    Video: YouTube
    This tsunami alarm is scary because of the way it just immediately launches into its high-pitched death wail and continues at that break-neck pace until something within it seems to die and it loses all motivation to continue. 
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    Incoming Rocket Siren in Afghanistan

    Video: YouTube
    If the monotonous siren wasn't scary enough, the rocket siren in this video goes further by having a robot voice hastily say "Incoming, incoming, incoming," right in the middle of the siren. As if you weren't already in enough stress with the threat of missiles raining down from above. 
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