Graveyard Shift The Creepiest Amazon Alexa Stories Ever  

Rebecca High

The future has arrived, and it's full of AI, to a borderline invasive extent. This video pulls some of the eeriest stories from Amazon Alexa users, and some of them are almost scary enough to bust out around a futuristic campfire.

Amazon's Alexa is a "smart speaker:" a voice-activated virtual assistant and can be synced with sound and lighting in a space. 

Really, though, it's a digital assistant that does what the iPhone's Siri can do. That includes answering your random questions and retaining eerie amounts of your personal information so you never have to leave your couch to find out how many calories are in the Big Mac you just ordered via Alexa.

But what happens when it's not all fun, games, and convenience? Will Alexa take over the Earth and wreck havoc? Judging by these stories, she just may. Watch this video for real-life user experiences that might inspire you to throw your Alexa in the recycler before it's too late.