20 Disturbing Anime Quotes That Send Chills Down Your Spine

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While visuals, music, and plot points can all play a role in evoking an unsettling mood, the words themselves are worth noting. Sometimes, anime characters say things that are just plain disturbing. The creepiest anime quotes have the power to make you shiver with fear and disgust.

These scary anime quotes often come from disturbing anime characters like Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist and Caster from Fate/Zero, but they can also be spoken by generally non-creepy heroes like Shinichi Izumi. No matter whose mouth they're coming out of, they will freak you out. Don't say that you weren't warned. 

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    Shou Tucker Is The World's Worst Scientist In 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    "I don't see what you're so upset about. This is how we progress. Human experimentation is a necessary step. I would think a scientist should understand--"

    Shou Tucker is so creepy that his words could comprise every single item on this list. Here, he's explaining why fusing his daughter's body with that of the family dog was a totally acceptable and even praiseworthy action - clearly, it's anything but. 

  • Kotonoha Katsura's Last Words Are Chilling In 'School Days'
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    "Just as I thought. You were lying. There's no baby inside of you." 

    These are the last words spoken in School Days, an anime that ends with a jilted girl named Sekai beheading Makoto, the boy who scorned her, and his current girlfriend Kotonoha getting revenge by slicing her open. After she utters those words, she cradles Makoto's head lovingly, and the show ends. 

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    Taiyō Mitsuboshi Likes Little Girls Too Much In 'Happy Sugar Life'

    Taiyō Mitsuboshi Likes Little Girls Too Much In 'Happy Sugar Life'
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    "So warm! Cute little hands and fingers. The warmth of a child. Cute little lips. Big, round, innocent eyes. She's so cute. She's so cute. That's right. There's something I've been wanting her to do for me. Um. Will you do me a favor please? Will you kiss my boo-boo and make it go away?" 

    Everyone in Happy Sugar Life is way more interested than they should be in Shio Koube, an innocent little girl who is just looking for any adult who will be kind to her. Perhaps owing to his own trauma, Taiyō Mitsuboshi is distressingly obsessed with the young girl - and his flushed face and heavy breathing as he says these words make the whole thing ten times creepier. This is far from the only time something like this happens in this disturbing 2018 anime - rather, it's representative of the rest of the show.

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    Yakumo Oomori Endured Unbelievable Pain In 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    "As the long and harsh life of torture continued, I tried desperately to come up with a way to escape the pain... Truly 'desperately.' 'I am not the ghoul named 'Yamori.' I am the investigator meting out the torture,' I convinced myself. When I believed that... most mysteriously, it was unclear — was I suffering pain or inflicting pain? As if the enemy and I had become a single person, I felt a strange sense of unity. And then one day, in a split second chance, our roles were reversed in reality. Though it was but a short hour, I felt as if I had really become a human. I'll never forget that thrill."

    This quote occurs while Yakumo is gleefully tormenting the captured Kaneki Ken, doing everything from removing his fingers to dropping a centipede into his hear. In this unnerving quote, viewers learn how he got to be so hard-hearted.