Graveyard Shift The Creepiest Audio Recordings Ever Captured  

Vicky Choy
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There’s nothing quite like scary noises to get your imagination racing - it’s the unknown that creeps us out the most. We put together a list of the creepiest audio recordings ever made, from some of the first audio ever produced to chilling phone calls from murderers after they just took another one of their victim's lives. Also on the list is audio of heartbreaking  9-1-1 calls, in addition to scary noises from space and sea. Vote on the sounds you think are the creepiest audio recordings ever made.

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The exorcism of Anneliese Michel

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Anneliese Michel was a Catholic German girl who reportedly was possessed by six different demons. Priests tried to exorcise her but supposedly were unable to get rid of the demons. Anneliese died in 1976, since she couldn’t eat. The movie Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on her story.  

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Sounds from Saturn

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Jupiter is not the only planet that emits bizarre sounds. The Cassini spacecraft recorded these sci-fi movie-type sounds from Saturn which come from radio emissions from the planet’s aurora.

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9-1-1 call from September 11

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There are several 9-1-1 recordings left from victims, but one of the most harrowing audio clips is from business executive Kevin Cosgrove, who you can hear go from thinking help is coming to very clearly understanding that he's speaking some of his last words - and then his final words before the tower falls.

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Harrowing 9-1-1 domestic abuse call from child

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This disturbing audio clip has a young child frantically pleading with a 9-1-1 dispatcher to send police to stop her stepdad from continuing to beat her mother. The level of anxiety in this recording is palpable, but what's more upsetting is knowing that someone had to grow up with these kinds of traumatic experiences under their belt.