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18 Of The Absolute Creepiest Babies In Film

August 18, 2020 1.9k votes 212 voters 7.0k views18 items

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When most people think of babies the words that tend to come to mind are cute, tiny, harmless, and so on. This is what makes it so much more terrifying when that expectation is turned on its head in film. There's something sickeningly unnatural watching the little beings we're evolutionarily programmed to fawn over become killers, monsters, or demons. Even in less intense situations, like when a movie simply replaces a normal live baby with CGI for ease of filming, the result still gives people the creeps. It just looks... off. 

So here's a list dedicated to those little weirdos - a countdown of the creepiest infants in film, from simple CGI faux pas to straight-up hellspawn. So which babies freak you out most? Don't forget to vote up the most horrifying ones to let us know!

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    Ceiling Baby From 'Trainspotting'

    When someone says "creepy babies in movies" this is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. Trainspotting may not be a horror movie, but it's certainly a movie about horror - the horrors of addiction and poverty. One of the worst scenes is when, after an infant child passes away from neglect, it appears to one of the characters in a fever dream, crawling around on the ceiling, turning it's head 360 degrees, and just being generally terrifying.

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    Maggot Baby From 'The Fly'

    It's a...! Worm? In this classic film, protagonist Seth Brundle flies (ha) too close to the sun and accidentally infuses himself with fly DNA during a science experiment. When his love interest, Ronnie, learns this fact, along with the knowledge that she is pregnant by him, she subsequently dreams that she will birth not a human child, but a maggot. Luckily it's only a nightmare.

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    Zombie Baby From 'Dawn Of The Dead'

    No one can top George Romero's classic 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. But Zach Snyder certainly tried with this 2004 remake. It has plenty of differences from the original, but one of the more striking ones is the inclusion of this zombified baby. We're not sure what makes it creepier, the fact that it's an undead child or the too-smooth CGI movements and animalistic scream.

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    The Davis' Baby from 'It's Alive'

    1974's It's Alive takes on complicated themes of drug use, parenthood, and nature versus nurture in subtle and nuanced ways. Just kidding, this mutant child murders a bunch of doctors and nurses mere seconds after birth because his mom took contraceptives from a sketchy company. Then it takes a whole mob of armed cops to take him down.

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