14 People Share Their Most Bone-Chillingly Creepy Childhood Memory

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Reddit user u/Hugosimpon asked redditors what their creepiest childhood memories were, and honestly, we can't sleep.

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    Friend Turned Murdered

    From Redditor u/adorablecynicism

    In my old hometown, we weren't allowed to play out of the yard. The highway was at one end and the bayou at the other. Like alligators walking down the road was a normal occurrence ya know?

    So anyway, there was a girl who would ride her bike up and down the road and we'd chit chat. She was maybe.....7? 8? I know I was like 5 or 6, we weren't too far apart. Anyway, she would come and talk and then we would part. Sometimes she came with other kids, sometimes not.

    One day, she invites me to her birthday party. I saw I have to ask my mom if I can go. She said she lived a couple houses down, no big deal. Mom says no. You don't know her, she doesn't live on this street, etc. I was upset, so unfair, she's my friend! I never saw her again and thought she was mad at me.

    I went back to visit family and brought up this story with my mom and aunt about how weird it was I never saw her after that. They got really quiet and my aunt tells me that there was a girl by that name who was found in this guy's house along with a bunch of other kids. He did awful things to them and they died.

    Here's where it's creepy: they would have been dead by the time I was talking to them. I never felt so cold and we all agreed to never talk about it again

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    Dead Guy In The River

    From Redditor u/marousha_n

    I used to swim in the river in our town with my father. Everyone was doing it back then. I was about 7 y.o. and we went to our swimming tour. When we got out i touched something creepy with my foot and asked my dad to check. He pulled out a dead bloated guy. I had nightmares for years 👀


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    Murderous Neighbor

    From Redditor u/ Suitable_Panic_7558

    When I was a kid, I had this neighbor. He was the nicest guy and always friendly. He lived alone but always had a smile. But behind closed doors he had a real dark and creepy side. He would invite tons of people over every week I always assumed he was party animal but I was horribly wrong. One evening I stayed up late to watch a movie and since I lived in a “row house” (where all houses are connected) you can hear all front doors close. So around 4 am this one night I heard my neighbor leave and I went to the window to see what he was doing and he was carrying what looked like a body in a sheet. I told my mom the next morning and she called the cops and when they searched his house they found all kinds of murder tools and poisons and a bunch of blood in jars. My neighbor would later confess to killed at least 8 people but never said where he buried them. He got sentenced to life in prison and to this day I still think about him. I have since moved away but recently I found out his house was demolished because no one wanted to buy the house after finding out what happens in there.


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    Someone In The House

    From Redditor u/New_Willingness7714

    I remember about a few DAYS ago, I was being the average 14 year old. Listening to songs and playing video games. When I heard a set of footsteps in my kitchen. It was 3:00 AM and everyone was asleep. I didn't hear a door open or anything. I just heard footsteps. I open my door look left and right. Then I decide that I'm being stupid, and get some food. But then I heard footsteps going down the stairs. So I rush to my front windows look outside, and I see someone running away from my house. Literally the scariest sh*t


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    Attempted Kidnap

    From Redditor u/Suspicious-Elk-3631

    I was nearly kidnapped by someone who drove up to my house and tried to entice me to come up to him at his car when I was about 5 or 6. I was playing in the yard by myself. Said he wanted me to show him on a map where a certain street was. Had his car door open and everything. Thank God I went inside to get my mom to help him because he was gone when she and I came back.


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    Man Living In The Attic

    From Redditor u/jamesgravley:

    10 yr old me. New family had recently moved in and had set up a shrine with a face on a tree and candles in the back yard (irrelevant other than for context of creepiness).

    We became friends with the girl in the family who began telling us that her house was haunted. We were intrigued, as any good 10 yr old would be, but given their weirdness we thought nothing of it.

    One day, playing in the yard with her, a disheveled looking man comes running out the front door, followed by the family. He proceeded to run, full speed, into the woods with the dad yelling at him.

    Come to find out, dude had been living in their attic and had been keeping it locked from the inside. The dad finally pryed it open, chase ensuing.

    TO THIS DAY, I check under, inside, above, behind and outside of every house I have ever lived in and regularly clear corners when I get home.

    Creepy AF

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