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The Creepiest Company Mascots 

Werner Brandes
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The creepiest company mascots are those popular figures you see in television commercials that scare the living daylights out of you. While most are good intentioned, these corporate mascots are what bad dreams are made of. For many of these creepy company mascots, these figures represent some of the original characters used by the individual brands and have since evolved to (somewhat) less creepy versions. Take Ronald McDonald for example. That scary clown with a cop on his nose would frighten even the manliest man. Now, Ronald is slightly less on the creepy side, but still pretty up there.

Others, like the Burger King mascot, who crawled into bed with folks in television commercials, have also been discontinued, resting in the corporate mascot graveyard alongside the Domino's Noid, Taco Bell Chihauhua, and GEICO caveman.

But a third category of creepy corporate mascots are those which just won't go away. Find one person who can stand Flo from Progressive Insurance and you've found yourself a liar! Same goes for Allstate Insurance's Mayhem, Travelocity's Roaming Gnome, and that E-Trade Baby. Who takes investing advice from an infant anyway?

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