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'Fallout' Fan Theories That Somehow Make The Franchise Even Creepier 

Nathan Gibson
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The Fallout series is undeniably one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry. Fans flock to buy the latest releases, thanks to the games' huge open worlds filled with all types of intriguing factions, bizarre characters, and fascinating plots. Of course, these large maps provide plenty of opportunity for players to speculate and come up with theories about Fallout.

Just like Bethesda Game Studios's other smash hit, The Elder Scrolls, the Fallout games feature their fair share of dark and creepy moments. Considering the fact they take place in a post-apocalyptic world ruined by nukes, it should come as no surprise that there are some scary mysteries and horrifying encounters. This has led to some equally disturbing Fallout fan theories that deal with vault stories and the characters that inhabit the wastelands.

Vault Boy Is Checking To See If He's Safe From A Nuclear Event
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Vault Boy is probably the most recognizable character from the series. Considering each game takes place in a different location with new characters, he acts as a sort of focal point throughout. The most familiar image of Vault Boy entails him giving a thumbs-up gesture. However, many fans speculate this is not a welcoming motion, but rather a more sinister gesture. Rather than greeting the player, Vault Boy may actually be holding up his thumb to compare it to the size of a mushroom cloud in the background.

The "general rule of thumb" taught to Americans during the Cold War involved holding out your arm, shutting an eye, and holding your thumb up to size the cloud. If the cloud was bigger than your thumb, that meant you were in the radiation zone and needed to hightail it out there. This sounds a lot like Vault Boy's signature, seemingly cheeky pose.


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You're Stronger Than Everyone Else Because They're Sick From The Radiation
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Almost every game features a protagonist who is far stronger than the vast majority of characters in the world. This is certainly true in the Fallout series, in which the player character can easily beat entire hordes of enemies with little effort.

One theory suggests the reason your character is so strong is because they had some form of shelter from all the radiation, whether it's in a vault or safely locked away in stasis. Everyone on the surface has had exposure to the constant radiation post-nuclear apocalypse, which has made them sickly and weak.

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'Fallout' And 'Skyrim' Are In The Same Universe
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One Easter egg in Fallout 4 is an experimental plant in the research facility operated by Neriah. This flower shares a striking similarity to Nirnroot, a plant with healing properties in Skyrim. The experimental plant also heals the player, and some believe it is the same plant in both games.

Fans have since proposed that this could provide a strong link between both universes, even going so far to suggest they could take place in the same world. Proponents of this theory also point to a computer log near the plant, which lists it with the codename "NRT" - a possible shortened version of "Nirnroot." They also both grow near water.

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There Is An Underwater Civilization In 'Fallout 4'
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There are a number oddly shaped structures in Fallout 4. Domes and pipes stretch across the surface and underwater, which covers most of the map. Given the massive amount of water in the game, some believe there could be an entire underwater civilization lurking in the depths.

Players who think there is more to the water believe the "Aqua Boy" perk - which lets players breathe underwater - is undeniable evidence.

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