Graveyard Shift The Creepiest Storylines In 'Fallout'  

Nathan Gibson
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As one of the few survivors of an apocalypse, the protagonist in each Fallout game explores the world after the use of atomic devices. As you might expect, this is no easy task. Various sinister characters, strange locations, and questionable quests form the plot of the Fallout franchise.

The game's developer, Bethesda Game Studios, has created various adventurous off-shoots for players as they navigate the Fallout timeline. As a result, there are myriad twisted fan theories about the series. The regular game storylines are equally cringe-worthy and extend from the very first entry in the franchise to more recent titles, such as Fallout 4. These storylines show how this in-game world has its own fair share of creepiness.

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'Tranquility Lane'

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"Tranquility Lane" is one of the last main quests in Fallout 3. This is a simulated reality that takes place inside Vault 112. A character named Betty gives you tasks to complete if you want to secure your father's release from a computer program. The tasks involve putting the other residents of the fictional neighborhood under emotional and physical distress. You start by making a child cry and progress to vicious acts of aggression that lead to termination. 

The protagonist can also choose to activate the fail safe - a choice that results in the elimination of everyone in the simulated reality as well as other areas of the game.

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Dunwich Borers

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Photo:  Fallout 4/Bethesda

Dunwich Borers is a facility in Fallout 4. Players will come across it in a variety of side quests, including "Kidnapping" and "Raider Troubles," when raiders will make it their base of operations. The bizarre structure is one of the scariest places to visit in the entire franchise.

The facility is crushingly dark with just a few light sources to reveal the path. It is filled with mysterious messages left by former occupants. Further exploration shows that an outside force influenced events inside the mine, causing those inside to act in strange ways. You may even experience visions within the quarry. However, the most haunting aspect of Dunwich Borers is that the cause of supernatural occurrences is never really revealed, leaving it up to your imagination. 

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'Democracy Inaction'

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It is common knowledge among Fallout fans that the vaults that kept most survivors safe after atomic engagement are not exactly nice places. The federal government used these underground harbors as experimental areas to launch psychological and physiological tests on inhabitants. The Fallout: New Vegas quest "Democracy Inaction" compels you to explore Vault 11.

You navigate the structure until you arrive at a special room, where you watch a video message. It reveals that one person in the vault wins a special lottery every year. This “winner” is then taken to this exact room, shown the same movie, and is ritually sacrificed. As it ends, various enemies jump out and try to eliminate you. 

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The Pickman Gallery

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A search of the Fallout 4 wasteland may lead you to the Pickman Gallery. After you enter the large structure, expect aggression from raiders looking for the titular character who occupies this space. Successfully thwarting the hordes eventually leads to Pickman - that is, if you make it through the countless obstacles found throughout the building.

The scene shows Pickman using blood to paint pictures on the walls of the halls leading to his room. If you save the character, you receive "Pickman's Gift." This is a unique tool explicitly designed to cause as much impact on your enemies as possible. 

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