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People Share The Creepiest Places They've Visited

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When people hear about creepy locations, some folks make a mental note to stay away from those places, while others are excited for new scary areas to explore. Which group do you fall into? Over on Reddit, people are sharing the creepy and unsettling places they've visited that have made a lasting impression.

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    The Edinburgh Catacombs In Scotland

    Photo: Kjetil Bjørnsrud / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    From Reddit u/ichigoli:

    I've done a couple haunted tours, and for the most part, they're spooky but since they are not "haunted houses," they are not designed to be scary and are mostly eerie history lessons. However, there was one I did in Edinburgh that was intensely uncomfortable.

    For those who don't know, Edinburgh is built across a valley which has been filled in and built over, over time. During the Middle Ages and into the Victorian Era, there were bridges spanning the valley and many down-on-their-luck and impoverished people set up homes and shops in the archways beneath the bridges. As time went on and the city grew, many of the bridge archways wound up becoming a sort of catacomb-like place which became shelter for the kind of people who had no other choice. A lot of unsavory things happened in those catacombs that are now cited as the reasons behind them being haunted.

    On this tour, the guide was doing a great job playing up the spook factor. We were deep underground, using flame lanterns, crowded into tiny, pitch black, stone brick rooms with roots hanging from the ceiling, and rubble on the floor, listening to stories of what sort of hauntings other people had experienced. Needless to say, I was in a fairly suggestable mood but that does not temper how intensely creepy the situation was.

    There was one room that we went into that I immediately wanted to leave. There was something about it that just dropped the bottom out of my stomach. The guide then proceeded to tell us about how many people felt uncomfortable in that room and that it was claimed to be home of The Watcher, an intensely hateful male spirit that was accused of scratching and pulling the hair of different guides and tourists over the years. I don't know if I believe it was a ghost or not, but I did not like that room from the instant we went inside, and I still have no definitive explanation as to why.

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    Rampart Street Apartment In New Orleans

    From Reddit u/shakycam3:

    My worst was on a ghost tour in New Orleans two years ago. We went to some fairly non-active, unimpressive places first. Last, almost as an afterthought it seemed, we ended at this museum on Rampart Street. It was a voodoo museum that the tour company operated out of... The tour guide showed us there was a door behind a body bag that was hanging on the wall. She explained behind the door was our last location to investigate for the evening, and we would go in twos as we had done before...

    There were a few flights of stairs that led into a small apartment. There was a main room with a door off of it to the left that led to a small bedroom. To the right was a door leading to a galley kitchen, a narrow hallway and a bathroom at the end...

    The second we walked across the threshold into the kitchen, everything changed. It was small and cramped with a dirty stove and an empty, dirty fridge with the doors hanging open. Nothing remarkable, but it was how it FELT. The only way I can describe it is I instantly had that feeling in my stomach that you get on rollercoasters but not in a good way. My mouth went dry, and there was something else that seemed to be building...

    I tried to shake it off and walked down the narrow hallway to the bathroom. Again, standard bathtub, sink, mirror but that feeling wouldn’t go away, and the second feeling crept up even more until I finally pinpointed it. I felt like there was an incredibly angry, evil, malevolent something that hated me to the core of my being staring me down from a quarter of an inch from my face but it was invisible. This thing hated me like nothing could possibly hate anything on this earth and it had just met me. And there was not a shred of a doubt in my mind that this thing was inhuman...

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    St. Stephen's Cathedral Crypts In Vienna

    From Reddit u/Digbedog:

    Not many things turn my stomach...

    To combat the unfortunate smell, as well as make room for more bodies, a few unlucky prisoners were lowered into the pits where they were forced to scrub the rotting flesh off the plague-ridden and disordered bodies, snapping and breaking the skeletons down to individual bones, and stacking them into neatly ordered rows, skulls on top.

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    Alcatraz Island In San Francisco

    From Reddit u/kadyg:

    The solitary confinement cells at Alcatraz - which is a pretty creepy place all on its own. But those cells are like the Heart of Darkness. There are four or five of them just off the library. All the cell doors open onto a windowless hallway, so it’s dark leading to dark.

    I went in there on my own, and I swear something evil was squatting in the corner waiting for me to leave my soul unattended. 10/10 for creepy, will not go back.

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