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The Creepiest Crime TV Shows Ever Made

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Are you into creepy crime TV shows? When it comes to crime TV series, you don't have to dig too deep to get to the ones many people feel are creepy. Crime and a good creep-factor are what make these shows fun to watch, but sometimes, watching them might leave you to lock your doors and sleep with the lights on. Let's face it, many of these shows depict horrific crimes carried out by real and frightening people... who might just be on the other side of that door!

The creepiest television series revolving around crime often feature real-world killers and monsters who threaten our daily lives. Some of these series feature real people, while others are dramatic representations of the worst people and crimes imaginable. Whatever your preference, they all have a good amount of creepiness to keep you from wanting to venture out in the dark all by yourself...

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