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The Creepiest Sci-fi TV Shows Ever Made

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List RulesVote up the speculative and science fiction (not fantasy) television series that historically have been galactially creepy.

When it comes to sci-fi TV series, they aren't usually described as creepy. In most cases, a science fiction series details a world far in the future, or one that involves aliens in a more fantasy setting than a creepy or horrific one. That being said, the genre hasn't shied away from dipping its toes into the pool or horrific creepiness, and these series are some of the creepiest science fiction shows ever made.

When you look into a series like Netflix's Black Mirror, it's hard to not find it creepy, while still being entertained in a way that no other series on television has managed to do before. Other series like Falling Skies skirted the line between horror and sci-fi by depicting a world overrun by deadly alien species intent on wiping humanity from the face of the Earth. Whatever your sci-fi preference, there are dozens of selections that offer a creepy alternative to straightforward action-adventure science fiction shows like Stargate: SG1 and Star Trek!

Which of these creepy, sci-fi television shows freak you out the most? Vote up your favorites and watch as the creepiest rise to the top!